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Perimeter = 2 x L + W so L + W = 9, this would be 6 x 3 to give area of 18

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Q: What is the length and width of the perimeter of 18cm and area of 18cm square?
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A rectangle has a length of six cm What is its width if its perimeter and area are the same number?

18cm is the area and perimeter. the width is 3cm.

The width of a rectangle is one half its length The perimeter of the rectangle is 54cm What are the width and length of the rectangle?

The length of the rectangle is 18cm. The width of the rectangle is 9cm.

How many rectangles can be drawn with 18cm as the perimeter?

An arbitrary large number is the answer for anyrectangle, up to that with a length of 9cm, and 0cm as the width will have a perimeter of 18cm.Similarly, any rectangle up to that with sides 0cm long, and a width of 9cm will have your 18cm perimeter.

What is the perimeter of the rectangle 24cm 18cm?

If that's its length and width then perimeter is: 24+18+24+18 = 84 cm

The Perimeter of a rectangle is 56cm The length is 2cm less than twice the width find the length and width?

length=18cm width=10cm (you use a system of equations: 2L+2W=56, L=2W-2)

What is the perimeter of a rectangle 18cm long and area 144 square cm?

Width of rectangle: 144/18 = 8cm Perimeter of rectangle: 2*(18+8) = 52cm

What is the Ratio of rectangle 18cm length 84cm perimeter to 15cm length 77cm perimeter?


What is the length of a side in a regular nonagon if the perimeter is 162cm?

It is: 162/9 = 18cm

What is area of rectangle length 25Cm breath 18Cm?

450 square centimeters

Can you show a rectangle with an area of 20cm square and 18cm perimeter?

The dimensions of the rectangle are 5 cm by 4 cm

What is the length and width of a rectangle if the perimeter is 18cm?

It is impossible to say. Let L be ANY number such that 4.5 ≤ L < 9 cm and let B = (9 - L) cm. Then for every one of the infinite number of values of L, there will be a different rectangle whose perimeter will be 18 cm.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle of 6cm by 3cm?