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== == * It depends on the individuals involved. Does it really matter? It's only an egotist that would care. Sometimes one partner can be right on a high percentage basis, but a very smart partner never treats their significant other like they are dumber than a bag of nails or that they don't know much. All of us are excellent at certain things in life, so this is sort of an unfair question. One person may be great at spouting off poetry, talking about the latest classics, Opera, etc., while the other knows a lot about carpentry, gardening, sports. A couple in the relationship should enhance each other, so all in all it doesn't really come down to who is the smartest. We can't give a truthful percent on that. If one person ever thinks they are just too clever to be on the same planet as their partner they need to be taken down a peg or two. We learn from each other. Even on this board we are learning from each other.

* One possible solution is that if we assume the chances of either person in the relationship winning an argument is 50%, then the probability of one of them winning 75 or more arguments out of 100 arguments is about 1 in 3.5 million. If it is my wife.. the probability is 0 since she is right 100% of the time... just ask her.

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Q: What is the mathematical probability that one person in a relationship is correct 75 percent of the time?
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