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Using Pythagoras' theorem it is 10 Times Square root of 2 or about 14.142 to 3 decimal places

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Q: What is the measure of the diagonal in a 10 by 10 square?
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A square patch of sheetrock has a perimeter of 10 feet. Which measure is closest to the length of the diagonal?

3.5 ft

What is the diagonal measure of a rectangle 65 inches by 69 inches?

The square of the diagonal is (652+692)=8986 The diagonal is then the square root of 8986=94.79...

What is the diagonal of a square with a side of 10?

14 The ratio of the side of a square to the diagonal is 1.4.

The area of a square is 100 The length of its diagonal is approximately?

If the area of a square is 100, then its side length is 10. If we draw in a diagonal, then we know by the Pythagorean formula that the diagonal's length is sqrt(10^2 + 10^2) = sqrt(200) = 10*sqrt(2).The square root of 2 is approximately 1.414, so the diagonal's length is approximately 10*1.414 =14.14* The diagonal of any square is the side length times (sq rt 2).

The area of a square garden is 50m how long is the diagonal?

The garden's diagonal is 10 meters.

What is the area of a square if the diagonal is 10 inches?

The area of square is : 100.0

The area of a kite is 27.28 square inches. One diagonal measures 8.8 inches. What is the measure of the other diagonal?


What is the diagonal measurement for a square 10' x 16'?

10' x 16' is not a square but a rectangle and the diagonal is square root of (10^2 + 16^2) = square root of (100 + 256) = square root of 356 which is 18.867 feet

What is the length of a side of a square whose diagonal measure 4 times the square root of 2?


Diagonal measure of an 18 foot by 18 foot square?

Diagonal = 18*sqrt(2) = 18*1.414214 = 25.45584 feet

What is the diagonal distance of a 10cm square?

Use Pythagoras: Diagonal² = √(2 × sidelength²) → diagonal = side_length × √2 → diagonal = 10 cm × √2 ≈ 14.1 cm

What is the measure of a regular quadrilateral?

A regular quadrilateral is a square. As to the measure, the answer depends on the measure of WHAT? An angle, a side, the diagonal, area, perimeter, etc.