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An integer is a whole number so the answer is 4.

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Q: What is the number to the left on the number line?
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Is 32 to the left or right of 67 on a number line?

32 is to the left of 67 on the number line

The closet integer to left of 11.7 on the number line?

The closest integer to left of 11.7 on the number line is 11.

Where is -9 on the number line?

On the left side of zero on the number line

Where is -5 at the number line?

Left of the 0 figure on the number line.

Where would -3.5 be on a number line?

A number line has negative numbers to the left of zero, and -3.5 is a distance of 3.5 to the left.

The number is 3 located in the number line?

its to the left

Where would you put the number 8.98 on the number line?

Put 8.98 a little to the left of the number 9 on the number line.

Where would -7 be on the number line?

To the left of number 1.

How do you are decimal numbers from smallest to largest in a number line?

Go from left to right along the number line.

What is a number line?

The number line is simply a line (never-ending) that contains all the numbers from negative infinity (on the left) to infinity (on the right).

Does Numbers line numbers get larger as you move to the left on the number line?

No they do not. If you move to the left side, the numbers just get smaller.

The value of the numbers in a number line from left to right is?


To add a negative number in which direction do you count on the number line?

Adding a negative number is the equivalent to moving to the left on a negative-positive number line.

Is 5 and three quarters to the right or to the left of 6 on a number line?


Is 2.6 to the right or the left on a number line?

To the right of 2, to the left of 3.

Can you show me a number line?

A number line is where a line is drawn with one number starting on one end and another ending it. The number on the furthest right or bottom end is the lower number and the number on the furthest left or top is the highest number.

What is a line that whose points are associated with number that increase from left to right?

A number line, or the horizontal axis, or x-axis.

How do you shade less than on a horizontal line?

Shade to the left of the point on the number line.

What side is a negative number on math bar?

left side of the number line

How does a number line help you find the smaller value of two numbers?

Since the numbers on a number line increase from left to right, it follows that any number to the left of another number is smaller than that other number. Of course, most of the time it is quite obvious which of two numbers is larger, and we don't need to plot them on a number line to find that out.

How do you take away a number on a number line?

Move to the left. For example: when you start with 10 and take away 4, you start at 10 on the number line and move four numbers to the left to reach 6 as your answer.

Do numbers get larger as you move to the left on the number line?


If ab where on the number line will a appear?

to the left of B

What is -4.25 on a number line?

It is -4.25 left of O

Is the data on a line plot always shown on a number line that is increasing from left to right?

yes if you were to go to the left of zero you would be in negatives