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even housekeeping requires basic math.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-12 07:51:32
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Q: What is the only job that doesn't involve math?
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What is a job that doesnt use math?

A math teacher

What job does not involve math?

labour work orsportsman

What job makes a lot of money that doesnt involve technology?

a personal trainer

What is the a job that doesn't involved math?

I dont think there is a job that doesn't involve math because eventually you will have to use math. So learn it when your young kids. Hope this helped :D

How does engineering use math as a job?

Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!

What does an autor job involve?

waht does an autor job involve

Hey guys i love math and want to go into Business but really not sure about it iam asking you guy what other job are out their that are fun that involve math?

Bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting are all jobs that deal with math.

Is accounting math based?

Absolutly, a job in accounting involves mostly all math, one job in accounting is a cpa, they read bills, write about opions and their solutions to bills, and the bills involveall math, so a job in accounting such as cpa, requires about at least higher than 50% math, I say it requires about 65% math, 30% finance, and 5% law/ just a tiny amount of law classes only used in about 5% of the job.

What is part time job?

a part time job is a job that doesnt take the whole day get it? Its only a part of the day you have to work.

What jobs use multiplying polynomials?

Any job of the "engineering" type will require you to do some advanced math; that would involve manipulating polynomials.

What jobs involve math and chemistry?

Math is needed for everyday life, it will be needed for any job. Chemistry doesn't require as much training. Chemical technicians work under research scientists or engineers.

How much do people use math everyday?

this is a true answer == == math is notused very much in everyday life only if it interfers with your job like being a math teacher

Is there a job that requires no math?

No every job requires some sort of math.

How do you you get on a Club Penguin test server?

You have to have a job at club penguin, and if you dont have a job there, u can only get on them by hacking, which would involve banning and even legal trouble.

What is a job relating to math?

Uh, math teacher.

What job does not use math?

No job does not use math! Math is one of those things that is everywhere. Kind of depressing. *sigh* On the bright side, some jobs use less math than others! :) Although I think of writing as a job without math :)

Crime doesnt paydoes that mean that your job is a crime?

Only those working for the federal government I suppose....?

What does the hairdressing job involve?


How does math help the community?

Math is everywhere in this world, if you don't know math, you may be in big trouble, you may not have a job or get fired on your recent job.

What can you do if you like math?

get a job that requires good math skills

What specific task will your job involve?

What is your job first, second type in your job to ask what the task of it is .

What jobs involve fractions decimals and negative numbers?

Balancing the federal budget. Better: Every job that has any paper work involving math. And pretty much means every job

What job in the CIA do you need to know math in?

You need math for everything weather its a job in the CIA or even a grabage man, you need math no matter where you go math is always there sometimes you would recongize it and sometimes you won't.

How jobs use math?

Almost every job uses some math. The type and amount depend on the job. If you find a job that never uses any math, we suspect that the pay rate for that job and the people hired to do it are both perfectly matched to the total absence of math.

What job do you use math in?

all of them, every job involves some sort of math, however accountancy and financial jobs tend to use the most amount of math