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The opposite of less than or equal to is greater than or equal.

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The opposite of greater than or equal to is less than or equal.

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Q: What is the opposite of less than equal sign?
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Is 10 less than 10?

No, ten is equal to ten. If you see a less than/equal to sign, the statement is true.A less than/equal to sign has a less than sign on top of an equal sign.

What is the opposite of less than sign?

The less than sign I believe that you are talking about is the minus/subtraction sign? The addition sign, +, is the opposite of the subtraction sign :)

What are the critical features of an inequality?

An inequality must have a greater than sign (>) OR a less than sign (<) OR a greater than or equal to sign (≥) OR a less than or equal to sign (≤).

What does inequalities mean?

Inequalities are less than, equal to, less than or equal to, or more than or equal to. Inequalities can NOT contain an equal sign.

Is there a difference between an underlined less than sign than one that isn't underlined?

The "underlined" less than sign is actually a sign meaning "less than or equal to" and it is the equal to part which looks like an underline.

What is an underlined less than sign?

It means less than or equal to

What does an underline less than sign means?

less than or equal to

What does the line under a greater or less sign mean?

The less-than sign alone means "less than"; if there is a line below, it means "less than or equal".

What is a mathematical phrase that uses only number and operation signs?

If there is an equal sign, it is called an equation; if there is a less-than, a less-than-or-equal, a greater-than, or a greater-than-or-equal sign, an inequality; if there is none of these, an expression.

How can you tell when to use the greater than sign and the less than signs and in math?

If the two sides of the equation are unequal, you need the greater than or the less than sign instead of the equal sign. If the left side is less, use the less than sign. Otherwise, use the greater than sign.

Is xl7.6x7.0 an inequality?

No. To be an inequality, it must somewhere have a greater than, less than, greater-or-equal, or less-or-equal sign.

How are linear inequalitys differant from linear equations?

Inequalities have greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to signs. Equations have an equal sign.

What makes linear equations different than linear inequalities?

An equation is a statement that two quantities are equal, or the same, identical, in value. It is expressed by putting an equal sign (=) between the two quantities. An inequality is a statement that two quantities are not equal, or more specifically, that one is less than the other, or less than or equal to the other. It is expressed with the unequal sign (an equal sign with a slash through it), a less than sign (), or a less than or equal sign or greater than or equal sign. A less than or equal sign looks like a less than sign with an underscore; similarly for the greater than or equal sign.Answer 1A linear equation may be represented by all the points on a straight line.A linear inequality would be represented by all points in the plane on one side or the other of the line which is determined by the corresponding equation. The line itself may or may not be part of the solution.

What is the inequality sign for at most?

Less than or equal to. :)

What inequality sign no less than?

"No less than" is the same as "greater than or equal": write the greater-than sign, with a line (similar to an underline) underneath.

What inequality sign means no less than?

Greater than or equal to

What is the less than sign used for?

The less than sign is used to show one item is less equal that another item. For example four is less than six and is written as 4

What are the 10 symbol of mathematics?

SymbolName+addition sign, plus sign-subtraction sign, minus signx or ⋅multiplication sign÷ or /division sign=equal≠not equal<less than>greater than≤less than or equal to≥greater than or equal to#number sign( )parentheses&and (ampersand)%percentπpi|x|absolute value of x√square root!factorial±plus or minusˆcaret - to the power of

What are symbols such as inequalities and equals?

Less than: x<y Greater than: x>y Equal to: x=y There is also less than or equal to, which is the less than symbol with a line over it, as well as greater than or equal to, which is the greater than symbol with a line over it. Not equal to is an equal sign with a slash. About equal to is an equal sign but with squiggly lines intead of straight.

Do you use the greater than sign when it says at most?

No. At most means it could be as big as or else is less than. So you use the less than or equal to sign, ≤.

-3 ...6 is it greater than equal to or less than?

-3<6 The inequality sign for less than is <

What are two expressions with comparison symbols called?

If the "comparison symbol" is the equal sign, it is called an "equation". If the symbol is less than, greater than, less-than-or-equal, or greater-than-or-equal, it's called an "inequality".

What is the sign for greater than or equal to?

greater than is

What are all the solution to this system of inequalities. y5x-2 y5x 3?

Since there is no inequality sign, those are not inequalities. An inequality sign is normally one of the following: greater than; less than; great-or-equal; less-than-or-equal.

How do you type in a less than equal to sign?

I've seen less than equal to signs typed on a computer shown as <= but make sure the reader knows you are doing math. If you are writing it with pencil and paper, then use <_ (with the underscore underneath the less than sign)

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