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Q: What is the outcome of flipping a coin 1 time?
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What is a fraction for flipping one coin one time?

fraction for flipping one coin one time = 1/2

What is the probability of flipping a coin twice and getting head on the first flip?

The probability is 1/2 because the second outcome has no affect on the first outcome.

What is the relationship between an outcome and the probability of that outcome?

An outcome is what actually happens, while the probability of that outcome is how likely that particular thing is to happen. Say I was flipping a coin. The probability of the outcome of heads is 1/2 because there are 2 possible outcomes and heads is only 1 of them. Then when I flip the coin, it lands on tails. The outcome is tails.

When flipping a coin 2 time What is probability that you will get 2 head?

If the coin is fair, the probability is 1/4.

What is the probability of flipping a coin twice and it landing on heads exactly one time?

The answer is 1/2 , assuming the coin is fair.

What is the probability of flipping heads on the coin?

The probability of flipping Heads on a coin is 1 - a certainty - if the coin is flipped often enough. On a single toss of a fair coin the probability is 1/2.

What is the probability of flipping a coin 10 times and landing on heads each time?

If it is a fir coin, the probability is (1/2)10 = 1/1024.

What is the outcome if you flip a coin 1 time?

It is either heads or tails.

What is the coin flipping record?

1 heads in a row

What are the odds of flipping a coin and it landing on its side?


Draw the probability tree diagram for flipping the coin two times showing the outcome?

Each toss outcome has a probability of 1/2; picture copied from the related link. The related link does a good job explaining tree diagrams and probabilities.

What is the probability of flipping a coin and having it land on heads two times in a row?

We have no way of knowing the probability of any given person flipping any given coin at any given time. But for any two flips of an honest coin, the probability that both are tails is 25% . (1/4, or 3 to 1 against)