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Period = 1/frequency = 1/50,000 = 0.00002 second = 20 microseconds

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Q: What is the period of a 50 kHz sine wave?
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What is the period of the wave motion for a wave with a frequency of 20 kHz?

T = 1/f , so 0.00005s, 50 microseconds or equivalently 0.05 ms

In telecommunication what is a pulse train with a 50 percent duty-cycle called?


When a sine wave has a frequency of 50 Hz in 10 seconds it goes through?

5 cycles.

A wave has frequency of 50 Hz what is the period of the wave?

Period = reciprocal of frequency ( 1 / frequency ) = 1/50 = 0.02 second = 20 milliseconds

What is the period of the wave if the frequency is 50 Hz?


What is the frequency of the ac sine wave?

AC is usually a sinusoidal wave with frequency-50 Hz.whereas DC has got no frequency i.e -0 Hz. <><><><> Depends on location. Some countries- 50 Hz/ The US is 60.

What is the period of a wave with a frequency of 50Hz?

1/50 or 0.02 seconds

What is the bandwidth of a signal that ranges from 50 KHZ to 2 Mhz?

1.95 MHz 1,950 KHz 1,950,000 Hz

If the frequency of a rectangular waveform is 20 kHz and it is logic 1 for 30ยตsec. What is the duty cycle of the waveform and How long does the signal remain a logic 0?

The period of a 20 kHz waveform is 1 / 20 kHz, or 50 uS. If the waveform is logic 1 for 30 uS, then it is logic 0 of 20 uS, and the duty cycle is 60%.Simply subtract from 30 from 50 to get 20. Also, compare 30 against 50 to get 60%

What is the period of a wave with a wave speed of 50 miles per seconds and a wave length of 10 millimeters?

Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength) Period = 1 / (frequency) = (wavelength) / (speed) = (0.01 meter) / (50 mi/sec x 1609.344 meters/mi) = 0.1243 microsecond (rounded)

What is the sine of 50 degrees in radians?

The sine of an angle returns a dimensionless ratio, not an angle, which can be measured in either degrees or radians (or gradians, if you want to get technical). Sines and other trigonometric functions except angles as input to return this ratio. The sine of 50 degrees is .766044443119. The sine of 50 radians is -.262374853704.

What is the period of a wave with a wave speed of 50 meters per second and a wavelength of 10 millimeters?

Frequency = speed/wavelengthPeriod = 1/frequency = wavelength/speed = 0.01/50 = 0.2 millisecond

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