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5 cycles.

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Q: When a sine wave has a frequency of 50 Hz in 10 seconds it goes through?
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What is the frequency of a sine wave period of 0.1 seconds?

The frequency is the reciprocal of the period. In other words, divide 1 by the period. If the period is in seconds, the frequency is in hertz.

Suppose that a sine wave has a period of 0.1 seconds What is the frequency of this wave?

10 Hz

If the frequency of a sine wave is 272 Hz what is the period of the wave in seconds?

Period = 1 / frequency = 1/272 = 0.003676 second (rounded)

Why a sine wave is a simple vertical line in a frequency domain?

A sine wave is a simple vertical line in the frequency domain because the horizontal axis of the frequency domain is frequency, and there is only one frequency, i.e. no harmonics, in a pure sine wave.

Which signal has a wider bandwidth a sine wave with a frequency of 100 hz or a sine wave with a frequency of 200 hz?

Neither of them has ANY bandwidth. All of the energy in a sine wave is concentratedat a single frequency, and there is no energy at any other frequency, no matter howclose.

What is the duration of Sine Totoo?

The duration of Sine Totoo is 3600.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Sine Novela?

The duration of Sine Novela is -2100.0 seconds.

Why sine wave is unstable at low frequency?

The sine wave at low frequency is unstable because it can create strong currents that nobody can stop them from

If 100 cycles of sine wave in 10 sec. the sine would have a?

frequency of 10 hertz

A musical sound of one frequency?

A sine wave

What is the frequency of sine wave that has a period of 2.8ms?


Well you can say that the frequency of DC is constant or not?

Yes it is constant at Zero Frequency. No, DC or Direct Current only means that the current only goes one direction, but it can have a frequency. You can have a square wave, sawtooth wave or sine wave that never goes from positive to negative or negative to positive and it would be a direct current with a frequency.

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