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it used in our practical life.. for ex. in hills r in mountains

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Q: What is the physical significance of the gradient of a vector field?
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What is the physical significance of gradient of any physical quantity?

the gradient of a scalar function of any quantity is defined as a vector field having magnitude equal to the maximum space rate of change of the quantity and having a direction identical with the direction of displacement along which the rate of change is maximum.

Why curl of electrical field is zero?

Because Electric field can be expressed as the gradient of a scalar. Curl of a gradient is always zero by rules of vector calculus.

What is gradient of a vector field?

It is the rate of change in the vector for a unit change in the direction under consideration. It may be calculated as the derivative of the vector in the relevant direction.

What does the term 'gradient' mean?

the gradientof a scalar field is a vector field that points in the direction of the greatest rate of increase of the scalar field, and whose magnitude is that rate of increase. In simple terms, the variation in space of any quantity can be represented (e.g. graphically) by a slope. The gradient represents the steepness and direction of that slope.

What is the physical interpretation of gradient of a scalar field and directional derivative and what are its applications?

say what

What is the difference between gradient and vector notation?

In the name of God; It must be mentioned that a vector has two important characteristics; 1- direction and 2- quantity. in other word for identification a vector these two characteristics must be defined. for example when we speak about displacement of a body it must has direction and quantity. but about gradient, it has a general mean: difference. Also a specified mean may be defined for it: "any increase or decrease in a vector or scalar field". it is a vector field.

What is gradient ratio?

what do you mean by gradient of a scalar field? what do you mean by gradient of a scalar field?

Are the magnetic field vector or scalar fields?


What is the temperature gradient formula?

Gradient= Change in field value/Distance

Is magnetic field line scalar or vector quantity?


Is intensity of light scalar or vector quantity?

Vector field

What does an upside down triangle mean in maths notation?

The 'upside down' triangle symbol is the (greek?) letter Nabla. Nabla means the gradient. The gradient is the vector field whoose components are the partial derivatives of a function F given by (df/dx, df/dy).

What is the physical interpretation of gradient of a scalar field and directional derivative and its application?

If you think of it as a hill, then the gradient points toward the top of the hill. With the same analogy, directional derivatives would tell the slope of the ground in a direction.

Why is an electric field considered a vector quantity?

An electric field is a vector quantity because it has direction and a magnitude. Electric field has a certain direction in which it acts.

The direction of the electric field vector is defined as?

Direction of the electric field vector is the direction of the force experienced by a charged particle in an external electric field.

Current is scaler or vector?

Scaler. The electric field is its vector counterpart.

Is field vector quantity?


What has the author Richmond Beckett McQuistan written?

Richmond Beckett McQuistan has written: 'Scalar and vector fields: a physical interpretation' -- subject(s): Scalar field theory, Vector analysis

What are the engineering applications of vector calculus?

in which field vector calculus is applied deeply

Which of this two quantities is not a vector quantity magnetic field or charge?

Charge is not a vector.

Is magnetic field strength a vector quantity?

When one refers to the strength of a magnetic field, they're usually referring to the scalar magnitude of the magnetic field vector, so no.

Voltage is a vector quantity or scaler quantity?

Scaler. Its vector counterpart is the electric field.

What is a magnetic field vector?

It is a way of representing the magnetic force at a point in the field. The magnitude and direction of the vector represents the strength and the direction of the magnetic force acting on a charged particle in the field.

What is the equation for calculating gradient earth science?

Gradient= change in field value divided by the distance

What is the change in field value over distance?