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6 multiplied by whatever the other number is. For example: 6 X 5 = 30. 30 is the product

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Q: What is the product of 6 and a number?
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What is a product of 6?

The product of 6 is the result you get when you multiply any other number by 6

The product of 6 and nine times a number?

Let the number be A. 6 x 9 x A = product. Product = 36A (36 x A)

What is product of six and a number?

The "product" is when you multiply things together, so the product would be 6 x "a number"

Which means 30 is the product of 6 and a number b?

Which means "30 is the product of 6 and a number b

What number is divisible by 6?

The product of any number and 6 would be divisible by 6.

The product of a number and 6 is less than 36 What is the number?

The number could be anything less than 6

What is the product of 6 and the square of a number?


What is the product of a number squared and 6?


The product of a number and 3 is 6?

6=3n or 3n=6

The product 9 and a number decreased by 7 equals?

the product of -6 and a number, x, decreased by 9, is -33. what is the number?

What is a number that is multiplied by another to get a product?

In any multiplication sum, such as 6 x 3 = 18, the number 6 is called the multiplier, the number 3 is called the multiplicand, and the number 18 is called the product.

How do you know if a number is the product of a factor multiplied by 5?

If it end with a five or zero, the number is the product of a factor multiplied by 5.

The product of 2 positive consecutive even integers is 48 What is the smaller number?

The product of 2 consecutive positive number is 48. Find the 2 numbers

What is the product of 6 and square of a number?

6 times ?2 ? equals a number.

Why is a number 6 times n plus 1 a prime number or a product of a number 6 times m plus 1 or a product of a number 6 times k minus 1?

The question - with the second alternative - is tautological (m = n).

What is the product of 6?

To create a product, you need more than one number.

Product of two consective even number product is 48?

6 and 8

4 times 6 equals 24 which number is the product?

The product is 24.

What number when added to itself gives the product 3 multiply 4 equals?


7 x 6 equals42 what number is product?

42 would be the product, product is the answer to a multiplication problem.

The differnce between the product of four and a number and 6?

4n - 6

What number is the product of 53 and 6?


What is the product of 6 and a number is 72?


The product of 3 by 2 and a number is 12 find the number?


If the sum of 3 different numbers is the same as their product what is that number?

Number is 6 1X2X3= 6 1+2+3= 6