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None, unless there is a relation between the semicircle and the cone that you have chosen not to share.

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Q: What is the relation between radius of a semicircle and a cone's volume?
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Relation between volume radius and surface of sphere?

Let the radius of the sphere be r. surface area of the sphere = 4 * pi * r^2 volume = (4 * pi * r^3)/3

What is the relation between mass of earth and its radius?

For any object, the mass is the product of its volume and its density. In the case of Earth, that would be the averagedensity. The volume, of course, can be calculated on the basis of its radius. Use the formula for a sphere; that's close enough for most purposes.

What is the relationsip between volume and radius of a cylinder?

It is volume of a cylinder = pi*radius2*height or length

What is the Volume formulae of a semi-circle?

semicircle is a two-dimensional shape, hence it has an area but does not have a volume.

A sphere of radius r is inscribed in a cube what is the volume enclosed between the cube and sphere?

volume of the cube - volume of the sphere = volume enclosed between the cube and sphere

What is the relation between the volume and height of two similar cones?

The volume is proportional to the cube of the height.

How is the relationship between formula of volume of a cone and formula of volume of a cylinder related to the relationship between the formula of volume of a pyramid and formula of volume of a prism?

The relationship between the formulas is that in all the radius is cubed.

Who discovered the relation between gas pressure and volume?

Robert Boylesee link

State relation between mole fraction and Volume fraction?

For Ideal gases, mole fraction=volume fraction

What is relation between mass and volume?

Density = mass divided by volume, measured in kg per cubic metre

What is the volume of a spherical shell with inner radius of 1 Meter and outer radius of 2 Meter?

==================================Answer #2:I believe you want the volume of the shell ... the material between theinside and outside diameters ... whereas the first answer, above, gave youthe volume of the hole in the middle of everything. Here's my take on it:-- Volume of a sphere is 4/3 pi R3-- Volume enclosed by the outer radius is 4/3 pi (2)3-- Volume enclosed by the inner radius is 4/3 pi (1)3-- Volume of the material between them is4/3 pi (23 - 13) = 4/3 pi x 7 =28/3 pi = 29.32 m3. (rounded)The volume of a spherical shell is equal to the difference between the volume of a sphere with a radius of 2 m and a volume of a sphere with a radius of 1 meter:V= 29,321531433504736892318004910609 м3

How does doubling the radius of a cylinder affect the volume?

Doubling the radius quadruples the volume.

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