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The relationship is:

divisor x quotient + remainder = dividend

Of course, if there is no remainder, you can omit that part.

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Q: What is the relatonship between the quotient and the divisor?
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What is the divisor divdend and quotient?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient

How do you check the answer to a decimal division question?

Multiply the quotient by the divisor to result in the dividend.If dividend/divisor=quotient, then dividend=quotient x divisor

How is the quotient related to the divisor in a division problem?

quotient top: divisor bottom

Which is the dividend and which is the divisor?

Dividend : Divisor = Quotient

How are the numbers in the dividend and divisor related to the quotient?

Because the dividend divided by the divisor produces a quotient.

What does A quotient undefined?

A quotient is undefined if the divisor is zero.

How do you check the quotient from a divisor problem?

you use multiply the divisor times the quotient & it should equal the dividend.

What does divisor in math?

The divisor is divided into the dividend to produce a quotient

Why must the remainder be less than the divisor?

The remainder is less than the divisor because if the remainder was greater than the divisor, you have the wrong quotient. In other words, you should increase your quotient until your remainder is less than your divisor!

What is the divisor when the dividend is 53 and the quotient is 5 with a remainder of 8?

The divisor is 9. quotient x divisor + remainder = dividend ⇒ quotient x divisor = dividend - remainder ⇒ divisor = (dividend - remainder) ÷ quotient = (53 - 8) ÷ 5 = 45 ÷ 5 = 9

How do you compare a quotient to its dividend?

The dividend is the product of the divisor with the quotient.

What is a quotient divisor and a dividend?

Dividend if the number that you divide, divisor is the number that you divide dividend into, and quotient is the number that you get from dividing dividend into divisor. For example, in 12/3=4, 12 is the dividend, 3 is the divisor, and 4 is the quotient.

The parts of a division problem?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

How do you find the divisor if you know the quotient is 41 and the dividend is 1681?


What is the quotient if the dividend is 12 and the divisor is 18?

If the dividend is 18 and the divisor is 1.5 What is the quotient

Is the divisor being divided?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

What isThe dividend?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

What is the result in a division problems?

Quotient (i.e. quotient = divisor/dividend)

If 36 is the dividend and 4 is the divisor what is the quotient?


When the divisor is 8 and the quotient is 34 the divedend is?


The divisor is 7the quotient 9 and remainder 6what is the dividend?

If the divisor is 7, the quotient is 9, and the remainder is 6, then the dividend must be 69.

Can some person explain how a divisor and a quotient are related?

The number which we divide is called the dividend. The number by which we divide is called the divisor. The result obtained is called the quotient.

The number by which you divide is called?

divisor Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient

What happens to a quotient when the dividend remains the same and the divisor decreases?

The quotient increases.

What is the quotient and the divisor which are the same as the quotient of 54 divided by 9?


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