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quotient top: divisor bottom

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Q: How is the quotient related to the divisor in a division problem?
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Related questions

How are the numbers in the dividend and divisor related to the quotient?

Because the dividend divided by the divisor produces a quotient.

How are fractions and quotients related?

Fractions are form of a division problem and a quotient is an aswer to one. So a fractions mixed number is a quotient

Can some person explain how a divisor and a quotient are related?

The number which we divide is called the dividend. The number by which we divide is called the divisor. The result obtained is called the quotient.

How are the divisors and the dividends related?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

How are a divisors and dividends related?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

How are divisors and dividends related?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

How is subtraction related to division?

The quotient gives the number of times that the divisor can be subtracted from the numerator. For example, 17/5 gives a quotient of 3 [and a remainder of 3]. This is equivalent to saying that 5 can be subtracted 3 times from 17 and that will leave a remainder of 2.

How are fractions related to division?

Fractions are related to division because the top of the fraction is the numerator or the dividend of the fraction and the bottom of the fraction is the denominator or the divisor of the fraction.

What does division as reapeted subtraction mean?

When you do long division by hand, as you determine the quotient one number at a time, you keep subtracting until you find the complete quotient. Refer to the related link to see an illustration of long division.

How can an array help you solve a related multiplication and division problem?

? problem division and multiplication related a solve you help array an can how

Are there any money related terms that start with the letter q?

a quarter (as in 25 cents) a quarter of a million (dollars) quotient (The answer in a division problem) quarterly statement (from a bank account, investments etc.)

How do you show your work for a division problem?

The related link shows a long division problem worked out. You need to show the numbers carried down like that.

How does each multiplication problem compare its corresponding division problem?

If A times B = C and C is not 0, then the related division problems are C/A = B and C/B = A.

How are factors and quotients related?

In the sentence 6 times 9 equals 54, 6 and 9 are factors of the product 54. In the sentence 54 divided by 9 equals 6, 6 is the quotient. In the sentence 54 divided by 6 equals 9, 9 is the quotient. The result of a multiplication sentence is the product of factors; the result of a division sentence is the quotient.

What does divisor and dividend mean in math?

Divisor and dividend are two very related math terms

What is infinity divided by zero?

In ordinary math, no matter what the divisor, division of infinity is not defined.Similarly, division by zero is not defined. Nothing, not even zero, can be rationally divided by zero. So division of infinity by zero cannot have a result.(see the related question)

How is cancer related to cell divisions?

Cancer is related to cell division because cell division is how cancer spreads. Cancer originates with a mutated cell. When it begins to divide and overtake the good cells, the cancerous cell becomes a very big problem.

How is cell division and regeneration related?

How is cell division and regeneration related?

Cell division is related to which process occurring in an organism?

Cell division is related to growth.

What is a related division fact?

facts that relate of division

How is multiplication is related by division?

Multiplication is the inverse operation to division.

Why is cell division important as related to the size of cells?

Cell division is important as related to the size of cells. This is because cell division will take a lot longer in larger cells.

How are voltage current and resistance related?

According to Ohm's law, voltage is the produce of current and resistance, current is the quotient of voltage and resistance, and resistance is the quotient of voltage and current.

How is multiplication and division related?

Division by a number is the inverse operation to multiplication by the number (and vice versa).

A group of related classes of plants is a?