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Q: What is the total of digits used in numbers from 51 to 5001?
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What 2 numbers are used in the binary code for computers?

Not 2 numbers - 2 digits. The digits 0 and 1.

How many digits are are used for printing the page numbers of a book that has 115 pages?

Three digits.

How many digits are used for printing a page numbers of a book that has 163 pages?

381 digits.

How many numbers used in PIN at ATM?

It is usually 4 digits. Some banks offer pin numbers that are more than 4 digits long.

How many four digit numbers can be formed from digits 1 2 3 4 if repeated is allowed and how many are odd numbers?

This is permutations with repetition. The answer is 4^4 = 256 total permutations. Since 2 of the digits used are odd (and 2 are even), then half of the possibilities will be odd: 128 odd numbers.

'how many digits number system contains'?

There are 10 digits in our number system. The symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9 are the digits used to create numbers.

What are the digits or numbers used in the octal number system?

Octal (base 8) uses the digits 0 - 7.

What digits are representative of all binary numbers?

There are only two digits used in binary: 0 (zero) and 1 (one).

What numbers are used in binary?

Binary uses only the digits 0 and 1.

What 2 digits are used to represent the bianary system of numbers?

0 and 1

How many numbers can be formed using digits 1245?

Assuming each of the given digits can be used only once, the answer is 24. If not, the answer is infinity.

How many 3 digit numbers have at least one repeated digit?

There are a total of 900 3-digt numbers (100 thru 999); Of these there are 9x9x8 = 648 numbers that do not contain repeating digits (first position: 9 possibilities, second place 9 possibilities; the 10 digits minus the one used in the first place. and third place 8 possibilities; 10 digits minus the two used in the first and second places) So, there should be 900-648=252 3-digit numbers with at least one repeating digit.