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Q: What is the variable for twelve times a number y?
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Related questions

What is a variable expression for four times a number increased by six?

y = 4x + 6

What is seven times a number in algebraic terms?

It is simply: 7y whereas y is the unknown variable

What is the independent variable of a variable?

Just the number, for example: 7x the variable is 7. The variable is the number without the variable(x,y,z, etc.)

What does Twelve diminished by six times a number look like?

let X be the number; y = 12 -6X

If the variable x is multiplied by 6 the product is equal to 4 times the variable y?

x=2 and y=3

Which is the variable expression for Seventeen decreased by a number y?

17 - y

Does the dependent number go on the Y-Axis?

Yes, the usual case in mathematics is to use the the y-axis variable as the dependent variable.

How you find the y intercept of y equals 15x?

The y-intercept is whatever number (with no variable) is added onto the end of the equation y=mx+b. In this case b is the y-intercept. In y=15x the y-intercept is 0 because there is no number without a variable on the end.

How do solve for the variable over a number in a linear equation?

Well a variable in a number in a linear equation is basically the variable divided by a number. So if you have x over 10, it is basically x times 1/10. You can solve by having either another equation and use either point slope or y=mx+b.

What id a variable?

A variable is a symbol the represents another number. Example: 2y - 5y Y is the variable.

What is an variable?

A variable is a value that is not always the same number. In alegebra, it is represented as a letter. In the equasion Y=4X+5, 'Y' and 'X' are both variables.

Is a symbol for a number we don't know called a variable or graph?

An unknown number is a variable and its symbol is usually in the form of a letter such as x or y

What is the product of -8k x -yk?

so if you just simplify a bit, and combine with the same variable, it becomes; (-8x-y)k. however, if you do a negative times a negative it becomes positive, therefore, you can write it (8xy)k. but it is not the simplest form. if you do 8 times y, you write the number first, then the variable. so the simplest and the best form of this would be 8yk (meaning 8 times y times k) ------- different way of thinking this question -8 times k times -y times k

What is dependent variable?

The dependent variable is your y variable on the y-axis

What is twelve more than a number as an expression?


How would you define what a dependent variable and independent variable are?

Independent variable (MOST OFTEN, x): The number/value/amount that you can change, and will change the "dependent variable" if it is changed. Dependent variable (MOST OFTEN, y): It "depends" on the independent variable to change. Simply put, Change x, y will change.

What is a variable in algebra?

A variable is a symbol that represents an unknown or changeable number, typically a letter such as x, y, and z.

What is the coefficient of 7y?

The coefficient of 7y is 7 because 7 is the number found before the variable, y. This suggests that the given number is 7*y. In any number ax, where a is a real number and x is a variable, a would be the coefficient and the product of that number would be a*x.

Is the responding variable the x or y axis?

x and y is a it replaces an unkonwn number so they just say x and y

When 3 is added to 5 times a number the result is 15 show an equation?

When 3 is added 5 times to a number the result is 15 if the number is 0, otherwise this is not true. However, the amount added to the number is always 15. Let's say the variable x is our number and y is the result, then x+3+3+3+3+3=y. You can add all the 3's together now. So you have x+15=y. Now if the starting number is 0, you have 15=y, so the result is 15.

What is a variable times a variable?

It can be a new variable eg x*y = xy. Or it can be a constant eg x is a variable then 3/x is another variable. x*(3/x) = 3, which is a constant.

A letter used to represent a number is called a?

A letter used to represent a number is called a variable. Typically, the letters x and y are used, but technically you can use any letter of the alphabet.

Is the y axis the dependent variable?

Yes the y-axis is the dependent variable where y is a function of x the independent variable.

How much is y x and z in algebra?

Well it depends on what your teacher or your book says it is. You see yx and z are all letters called variables. Any letter can be a variable. The letter can equal any amount. It'll will be of course what your book or teacher says it'll be. Example: if y=3 then 7+y=3 y does not always have to be 3. it can be any number in the world. There is no permanent number for a variable. Example: if y=18 then y+2=20 You see a variable (which is any letter in the alphabet) can be equal to any number in the world.

A sentence with the word dependent variable?

"If y=2x, then x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable." Also, " If x=y/2 then y is the independent variable and x is the dependent variable". Also, "The dependent variable is the one variable which is found by giving values to all the independent variables"