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Q: What is the volume of solid of pyramid and its example?
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How many vertices are on the solid pyramid?

The number of vertices on a solid pyramid will depend on its base as for example if it is a triangular based pyramid (tetrahedron) then it will have 4 vertices, 6 edges and 4 faces.

A regular pyramid with a square base has a volume of 9M squared and an edge measuring 3M. Find the volume of a similar solid that has edge measuring of 4M?

The volume of the similar solid would be 16M squared.

What are three dimensional shapes called in math?

They are solid shapes as for example a pyramid

What the examples of solid solution?

An example of a solid solution is ice. A solid has a fixed volume and a fixed shape.

Which solid has five lateral faces?

A pentahedron. One example is a quadrilateral based pyramid.

What example of finding volume?

There kind of solid object will determine the formula that will be used to find its volume.

How do you measure the volume irregular solid?

You place it in water to see the volume of water it displaces. Fill a large, graduated measuring cylinder to about halfway with water (say to 50mL) Put the irregular solid in, and measure the volume it reads (solid + water). (say it reads 80mL) So the volume of the irregular solid will be: volume(solid+water) - volume(water). For example, the volume of the water was 50mL, and when the solid was added, the volume increased to 80mL. The volume of the solid would be 80mL - 50mL. So it would be 30mL.

How is a pyramid and a cube different?

the pyramid is a solid triangle. aka pyramid. A cube is well a solid square that is 3D. So is a pyramid.

A pyramid is a solid figure with one?

A pyramid is a solid figure with one vertix.

What is the geometric shape of a pyramid?

A pyramid has the solid quadrilateral pyramid solid shape.However there are also pyramids with geometrical polyhedra/platonic solid shapes of tetrahedron.

A square pyramid has a base with a side that measures 6cm the height of the pyramid is 4cm what is the volume of the pyramid?

The volume of the pyramid is: 48 cm3

Example problems about regular pyramid with solution?

You can find some of these solutions online. An example would be the volume of frustum or a similar problem.