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The density of steel is 7850 KG/M3

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Q: What is the weight of a Cubic meter weight of galvanised steel plate?
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What is the weight of 4 mm MS chequered plate?

4mm chequered plate unit weight

What is the weight of 6 MM MS chequered plate?

6mm chequered ms plate per square meter weight

What is the weight per square meter of 4mm alluminium chequered plate?

The weight of 4.2mm Aluminium Checker Plate is 1.02 Pounds/ Square Foot OR 4.98kg/ Square meter.

What is the weight of 6mm cheuered plate per square meter?

55 kgs

What is the weight per meter of 3MM Thick chequered Plate?

Give me answer in words?

What is the weight of 6mm chequered plate per one square meter?


What will be the weight of 10mm thickness steel plate per square meter?

78.5 kg per square meter ( Mild Steel plate on 10 mm thickness)

What is the weight of 100x100x10 mm mild steel angle per meter length?

weight formula of ms plate

What is the weight of a steel plate that is 1half inch thick 20 wide inch and 45 inch long if the steel weight .28 lb per cubic inch?

The volume of the plate is (0.5 x 20 x 45) = 450 cubic inchesThe weight is (450) x (0.28) = 126 pounds

What is the weight per meter square of 6 mm thick chequered plate?

I dont know. Why are you asking me?

What is the density of 8 mm chequered plate 1m?

That would depend more on the material that the chequered plate is made from. For example, normal mild steel would be about 7650kg per cubic meter. i.e. a specific density of 7.65. I would think what you're looking for is the mass per square meter which is approximately 65.25kg/m2 for a steel plate.

What is the weight of 5mm chequered plate weight?

It depends on the size of the plate!

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