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One cubic meter of rough (paddy) rice weighs about 577 kilograms or 1,273 pounds.

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Q: What is the weight of one cube of random rubble?
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What is the weight of one cube of masonry random rubble?

One cubic meter of rough (paddy) rice weighs about 577 kilograms or 1,273 pounds.

How much does a One and half inch cube of gold weight?

The weight is 75.23 pounds weight.

Weight of steel?

What is the weight of steel in one meter cube equal 78.5 kN

If the weight of one cube is 4 grams what is the weight of the cuboid?

Type your answer here... 8 grams

How does one determine the weight of a frozen turkey when it is thawed?

There is no weight change. Think of an ice cube melting, does it change weight?

How many crystals in a cube of sugar?

A cube of sugar weight = 2.9947 g A crystal of sugar weight = 0.0004 g So there are about 2.9947 g/ 0.0004 g = 7486.75 crystals And there are probably about 1250,000 crystals in one box of sugar cube!

What is weight of concrete block in one meter cube?

2500 Kg

Were there any survivors in the rubble of the world trade center?

no, no one survived in the rubble.

What is the weight of one cubic meter of 20mm quarry rubble?

m3 * 1.3 (eg. 5 cubic metres is: 5*1.3=6.5tonne)

Weight of water by volume?

A volume of 1 liter (cube with side length of 10cm) has the weight of one kilogram. One kilogram is 2.20462262 pounds.

What is CRS masonry?

Stone masonry may be broadly classified into the following two types:Rubble MasonryAshlar Masonry Rubble Masonry:The stone masonry in which either undressed or roughly dressed stone are laid in a suitable mortar is called rubble masonry. In this masonry the joints are not of uniform thickness.Rubble masonry is further sub-divided into the following three types:Random rubble masonrySquared rubble masonryDry rubble masonryRandom rubble masonry: The rubble masonry in which either undressed or hammer dressed stones are used is called random rubble masonry. Further random rubble masonry is also divided into the following three types:Un coursed random rubble masonry: The random rubble masonry in which stones are laid without forming courses is known as un coursed random rubble masonry. This is the roughest and cheapest type of masonry and is of varying appearance. The stones used in this masonry are of different sizes and shapes. before lying, all projecting corners of stones are slightly knocked off. Vertical joints are not plumbed, joints are filled and flushed. Large stones are used at corners and at jambs to increase their strength. Once "through stone" is used for every square meter of the face area for joining faces and backing.Suitability: Used for construction of walls of low height in case of ordinary buildings.Coursed random rubble masonry: The random rubble masonry in which stones are laid in layers of equal height is called random rubble masonry. In this masonry, the stones are laid in somewhat level courses. Headers of one coursed height are placed at certain intervals. The stones are hammer dressed. Suitability: Used for construction of residential buildings, go downs, boundary walls etc.Squared rubble masonry: The rubble masonry in which the face stones are squared on all joints and beds by hammer dressing or chisel dressing before their actual laying, is called squared rubble masonry. There are two types of squared rubble masonry.Coursed Square rubble masonry: The square rubble masonry in which chisel dressed stones laid in courses is called coarse square rubble masonry. This is a superior variety of rubble masonry. It consists of stones, which are squared on all joints and laid in courses. The stones are to be laid in courses of equal layers. and the joints should also be uniform. Suitability: Used for construction of public buildings, hospitals, schools, markets, modern residential buildings etc and in hilly areas where good quality of stone is easily available.Un coursed square rubble masonry: The squared rubble in masonry which hammer dressed stones are laid without making courses is called un coursed square rubble masonry. It consists of stones which are squared on all joints and beds by hammer dressing. All the stones to be laid are of different sizes. Suitability: Used for construction of ordinary buildings in hilly areas where a good variety of stones are cheaply available.Dry rubble masonry: The rubble masonry in which stones are laid without using any mortar is called dry rubble masonry or sometimes shortly as "dry stones". It is an ordinary masonry and is recommended for constructing walls of height not more than 6m. In case the height is more, three adjacent courses are laid in squared rubble masonry mortar at 3m intervals.

What is the weight of concrete in one meter cube?

Concrete, Limestone with Portland 23.71 KN

What is a rubble stone wall?

Rough building stone covered in mortar is rubble stone. These stone portions are not set in regular or coordinated shapes and sizes. Rubble stone is used to create many things, one of which being a rubble stone wall.

Square Triangle Pentagon Hexagon Cube Octagon?

The odd one out is the cube which is a 3D shape whereas the rest are 2D shapes if that is your question.

Why couldn't Betty and Barney Rubble have children?

The Rubbles did have one child and the son was named Bamm-Bamm Rubble .

One rubble is equal to how many rupees?

A rubble is a collection of broken stones or masonry. People might buy it, by volume, as a filler. However, it is not sold by number.

How do you use rubble in the sentence?

Rubble is a noun which means debris, waste, rough fragments. They tore down our little church to build a bigger one but it was so sad to see the pile of rubble that had been my church since childhood.

Weight of cubic meter road planings?

Assuming road planings are asphalt concrete the mass of one metre cube volume is 2140 kilogrammes.

What will be the weight of a 1liter water after made in to ice cube?

The weight will not change at all, assuming we can neglect the tiny effect of the change in density affecting the bouyancy in air. One litre of water weighs one kilogram and when frozen into ice it will still weigh one kilogram.

What is the tsa of a cube?

tsa of cube is 6a2 (where 'a' is the length of one side of cube)...

What is perimeter of cube?

The perimeter of a cube is simply the perimeter of one side of the cube.

What is an open cube?

An open cube is a cube missing one side leaving an opening on that side

How many points in cheddar cheese?

2 weight-watchers points for a one-inch cube of cheddar. See also:Losing weight

What is the formula for surface area and volume of a cube?

Surface Area of Cube is 6 x a^2 where a is the length of one side of cube. Volume of Cube is a^3 where a is the length of one side of cube.

What does a 3' cube of water weigh?

Since we don't know the weight of the cube itself, we can only tell the weight of the water. Since the volume of a 3-foot cube is 27 cubic feet, we find that 27 cubic feet is equal to 202 gallons. Because one gallon of water weighs about 8.35 pounds, we multiply 202 x 8.35 for a result of 1,686.7 pounds for the water alone.