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The odd one out is the cube which is a 3D shape whereas the rest are 2D shapes if that is your question.

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A random collection of geometric shapes in 2- and 3-dimensional space.

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Q: Square Triangle Pentagon Hexagon Cube Octagon?
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Hexagon octagon pentagon rectangle square and triangle which one has smallest number of corners of these shapes?


What shape does not have curve?

A straight line, a triangle, an octagon, a pentagon, a hexagon a square a rectangle a.........

What is a 2 dimensional geometric shape?

triangle circle square octagon pentagon hexagon trapezoid

What is the relationship of a triangle square rectangle parallelograms quadrilaterals pentagon hexagon octagon?

They are a miscellaneous collection of polygons.

What type of shape has equal sides?

An equilateral triangle, a square, a hexagon, a pentagon, a decagon, an octagon, the list goes on and on.

Which shape has the most sides Square Hexagon Pentagon Octagon?


Which shape has the most sides square hexagon pentagon or octagon?

Of the four shapes mentioned, the octagon has the most sides. Square has 4 sides, hexagon has 6, pentagon has 5, and the octagon has 8.

What does not belong triangle square pentagon hexagon?


What 2 letters come next te se pn hn hn?

What about on ?TrianglE, SquarE, PentagoN, HexagoN, HeptagoN, OctagoN.

What is different a triangle a square a pentagon or a hexagon?


Why does a triangle not belong with a square pentagon hexagon?


What comes next after triangle square pentagon and hexagon?

Geometric figures in a plane can be 3-sided (triangle), 4-sided (square, rectangle, or, in general, quadrilateral), 5-sided (pentagon), 6-sided (hexagon), 7-sided (heptagon or septagon), 8-sided (octagon) and on and on in the polygons.