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1.928571429 or 27/14

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Q: What is three over two minus four over nine?
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What is eight over nine minus three over four?

Five (5) over Thirty six (36). Or, roughly .13888888889.

What is eight over nine minus two over three?


What is eight over nine minus one over three?

5 over 9.

What is the product of four x squared minus one over two x squared minus five x minus three and x squared minus six x plus nine over two x squared plus five x minus three?

By factoring I get x-3 divided by x+3

What does three over four divided by nine equal?

6 and three over four 6.75

What is that answer for nine over ten minus three over five?


What is the answer to five over seven minus four over nine?

5/7 − 4/9 = 17/63

What is seven over nine minus one over three?

Converting all to ninths, that is 7 over 9 minus 3 over 9 which gives 4 over 9 as the answer.

What is seventy two minus three over four?

72 minus 3/4 is 71 1/4

What is nine over twelve subtracted by four over 5?

9/12 minus 4/5 = -1/20

What is 4 over three - three over four?

4/3 minus 3/4 is 7/12.

What does six over nine minus two over three equal?


What is the answer to two over three plus four over six?

it equals six over nine or two over three

What is the answer of six over nine minus six over nine?


What is negative twenty- six minus negative nine four over five?


What is the negative fraction of 6 over four minus three over four?

-6/4 − 3/4 = -21/4

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


What is three whole minus one whole and three over four?

3 − 31/4 = 11/4

What is the difference of four and five over eight minus three and one over four in simplest form?

It is: 4 and 5/8 minus 3 and 1/4 = 1.375 or as 1 and 3/8

What is five minus two thirds?

Four and one third, thirteen over three, or 4.33

What is three over four divided by nine equal?

8 and 1/3

What is three over four subtract one over six?

3/4 minus 1/6 is 7/12

Four fifths minus four over three?

4/5 - 4/3 = -8/15, or negative eight fifteenths

Which of four fractions are of the greatest four over five five over eleven three over seven and seven over nine?

Of those, 4/5 is the greatest.

Five three over eight minus two one over four?

53/8 − 21/4 = 13/8