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What is timer in vb 6.0?

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A timer basically does an action every x milliseconds, this could be used to create a stopwatch function. You can set the delay time in the properties box for the object, bear in mind that you put the delay in milliseconds.

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Timer in Flash - How to stop it?

Hello,I am learning how to make a timer to my game. It is something like "Who wants to be a millionaire?" I have 15 questions. There is timer for each question:60 seconds.... When I click on an answer I go on next frame, but my timer does not stop. What should I add ( and where ) to stop my timer when I clik an answer? My code for the timer is:timer = 60;countdown = function(){_root.timer--;if(_root.timergotoAndPlay(20); stop();}}countdownInterval = setInterval(countdown,1000);

What happens when the timer runs out in take this lolipop?

Above the timer there is a name of a friend on Facebook in 60:00 what just happen to you will happen to them...

What is the advantage of vb dot net over vb 60?

The major advantage of vb.net is that it use the library instead in vb there are ActiveX that are very problematic when we change the system there we need to present that ActiveX. In .net because of library Connection is very easy and portable.

Can you make vb in vb?

Yes it is possible, most things are in VB

How are EIGRP hello packets sent?

- 60 sec Dead timer - 3*

How you make VB?

you dont make vb vb is visual basics and you make stuff in it

What is the meaning of baking timer?

A baking timer is used to time the length of time your food is baking. For instance, if you want to bake something for 1 hour, you can set your timer for 60 minutes and it will go off to remind you when the baking time is complete.

How many times must a three-minute timer be flipped to measure a half hour?

1 hour = 60 minutes. Half an hour = 60/2 = 30 minutes. 30 minutes = 30/3 = 10 turns on a 3-minute timer PROVIDED the timer is turned at exactly the right moment and turning the timer takes no time at all.

What is the period and frequency of a recording timer?

the period is 1/60 s or 0.017s and the frequency is 60Hz

Is VB 6.0 and VB 2010 are same?

No. VB 6.0 is a much older version of Visual BASIC, dating back to 1998. VB 2010 is a modern version.

What does vb mean?

VB means/stands for Visual Basic.

What is use of in vb?

well there is lot of thing you can use in the vb

How does return statement work in vb?

No Return statement in VB programming

What project is best for a vb project?

computer science project in VB

Print a table of 2 in vb?

print table of 2 in vb

Is VB 7.0 released?

No. There is no VB 7.0 version. After VB 6.0, which was released in 1998, Microsoft started to release versions of VB.Net instead.

What is a difference between dotnet and VB?

Nothing, as VB is now part of .Net. .Net contains following main languages: - C# - VB However, VB 6 was before .Net and was independent. dotnet is a framework that supports multiple languages and vb is one the language supported by dotnet.

What is the Advantage of VB?

flexibility in designtime debugging the sourcecode vb is a application tool

Is vb is object oriented language?

yes,vb is an event oriented language.

When was Holden VB Commodore created?

Holden VB Commodore was created in 1978.

When was VB Sports Club created?

VB Sports Club was created in 1987.

Why vb is called vb?

VB is the abbreviation for Microsoft's Visual Basic - a graphical development environment, using Microsoft's programming language, Visual Basic.

What are the four timers used in TCP?

Connection establishment timer, persist timer, keepalive timer, retransmission timer

Difference between vb and vb script?

Visual Basic (VB) is a programming language developed by Microsoft to improve the creation of applications for Windows (and later) for Windows Mobile Applications. VB Script, on the other hand, was developed to allow developers to use a language similar to regular VB, for the creation of web pages.

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