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59544564564 1/2

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Q: What is two third plus four six?
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What is two thrid plus four six?

one and one third

What is three and two thirds plus two and two thirds?

5 and four-thirds, ie six and one-third.

What is two plus four?

Two plus Four equals SIX not Nine!!!!!!!

What is two thrids plus four six?

Two thirds plus four sixths is one and one third. 2/3 + 4/6 = 1 1/3

What is two third of 6?

Two thirds of the number six is the number four.

What does two and one third plus six and one third equals?

Eight and two thirds.

What is the answer for six plus negative four?


What is six and four ninthths plus two and two sixths?

the answer is eight and six fifteenths

What does four plus two equal?

4+2=6 Four plus two equals six.

What is two third plus one six?


What is the answer to six to the power of two plus four?


If two plus three is ten and seven plus two is sixty three and six plus five is sixty six and eight plus four is ninety six what is nine plus seven?

81 + 63 = 144

What is two eighteenths plus one third?

Four ninths.

What is two ninths plus one third?

Four ninths

What is 2 and two thirds plus 3 and two thirds?

Six and one third

What is two thousand plus four thousand?

Six thousand.

What is the answer to four plus eight times six divided by two plus three?


What is two over three plus four over six?

its two over three

What is two and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

six and three-fifths

What is the answer to two over three plus four over six?

it equals six over nine or two over three

What does negative four plus negative two equal?

negative six

What is the answer to two thirds plus four sixths?

Answer = four thirds or one and a third.

What is Standard form of four hundred sixty million plus two hundred six thousand plus six hundred two?

The standard form of the result is 460,206,602

What is one sixth plus one sixth plus one third?

four-sixth or two-thirds

What is negative two third plus negative four fifth?

- 22/15

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