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A hexagon, which is a six-sided figure or object, is unique in respect to the number of its sides. More practically, in the physical world, a hexagon is uniquely efficient: in grid-form, a hexagon's six sides are short enough to enable numerous such figures (or objects) to fill a defined space -- much more, in fact, than most other polygons. This factor enables the hexagon to serve as a time- and cost-saver in constructions of various kinds.

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Q: What is unique about the hexagon?
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Why is an hexagon an hexagon?

When referring to it as a hexagon is not a faux pas.

How do you remember that a hexagon is a hexagon?

hex is like six and a hexagon has six sides thus the name hexagon

How sides does a hexagon have?

a hexagon has 6 sidesAn hexagon is a 6 sided polygon

What is the name of a shape with 6 side?


Hexagon with no symetry?

A hexagon without symmetry is the most common form for a hexagon.

How many edges does a hexagon havedoes a hexagon have?

An hexagon is a polygon that has 6 sides.

What is the deffinition of a hexagon?

hexagon is a shape with six sides that's why its called a hexagon

What has 6 side?

Simple; It's the Hexagon (Hexa=6)

How do you spell hexagon?

That is the correct spelling of "hexagon" (a 6-sided polygon).Hexagon.

Hexagon regular or irrgular?

If the hexagon's sides and angles are congruent, then it a regular hexagon.

How do you draw a hexagon with exactly 2 diagonals?

You cannot. A hexagon has 9 diagonals.You cannot. A hexagon has 9 diagonals.You cannot. A hexagon has 9 diagonals.You cannot. A hexagon has 9 diagonals.