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My iTouch calculator isn't working, so I will simplify the problem for you: x to the 5th power = -4

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Q: What is x cubed plus x squared plus four equal zero?
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What is 105 squared plus 8 cubed?

105 squared plus 8 cubed is equal to 11,537.

Subtract 4y cubed plus 2y squared plus y from 5y cubed - y?

9y cubed plus 2y squared

Factor a cubed plus B-Cubed?

(a+b)(a squared-ab+b squared)

What is two cubed plus three squared?


What is 6x cubed plus 2x squared?


What is 8 cubed plus 5 squared?

The answer is 537

Factor sin cubed plus cos cubed?

sin cubed + cos cubed (sin + cos)( sin squared - sin.cos + cos squared) (sin + cos)(1 + sin.cos)

What is x2 plus 7x?

if its x(squared) its 7x(cubed) if its 2xX its 14x(squared)

What is 2 cubed plus 3 squared?

Helen is an ashole

How do you simplify 2 cubed plus 3 squared?

Answer: 12

What is 4x squared plus x cubed?

I don’t know

What is x cubed plus 5x squared plus 6x equal 0?

x(x + 2)(x + 3) x = 0, -2, -3

How do you factor x cubed plus 3xsquaredy plus 3xy squared plus y cubed?

(x + y)(x + y)(x + y)

A number is x squared plus forty four is equal to the number x to the fourth power times three?

A number is x squared plus forty four is equal to the number x to the fourth power times three?

What is 6 squared plus 9 squared?

6 squared plus 9 squared is equal to 117.

What is 25 squared plus 49 squared?

25 squared plus 49 squared is equal to 3,026.

What is 12 squared plus 18 squared?

12 squared plus 18 squared is equal to 468.

What is x cubed divided by x squared plus six?


What is 17 squared plus 85 cubed times 2?

17 squared is 289. 85 cubed is 614,125. 614,125 times 2 is 1,228,250. 1,228,250 plus 289 is 1,228,539.

What 2 integers squared equal 65?

1 squared plus 8 squared or 4 squared plus 7 squared

What is 3 squared plus 2 squared?

3 squared plus 2 squared is equal to 13.

What does a squared plus a squared equal?

a2 + a2 = 2a2

X squared plus y squared minus 1 all cubed then minus the product of x squared times y cubed that all equals 0 How do you solve for y?

You have to put your heart into it!

What is 9 plus 2 squared?

9 plus 2 squared is equal to 13.

Factor x cubed plus 5x squared plus 6x?