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If y equals 5x-15 and x equals 1 then the value of y comes out to be -10.

So y equals 5x-15 is -10.

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Q: What is y equals 5x-15 if x equals1?
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What is the answer for y equals x?

x equals y

What algebraic property is 8 equals x and x equals y?

Transitive property: If 8 equals x and x equals y, then 8 equals y.

If x equals 3 and 3 equals y then?


What is y equals x plus 2 when x equals -1 and y equals 5?

If [ y = x + 2 ], then x is not -1 when y = 5.If [ y = x + 2 ],then when x = -1, y = 1,and when y = 5, x = 3.

If y equals one-forth x and x equals -12 then what is y?

x equals -12 and y equals 1/4 of -12, so y = -3.

If x and y are inversely proportional and x equals 13 when y equals 12 w is x when y equals 24?


What is the solution to x plus y equals 8 y equals x?

x=4 y=4

When x equals -3 then y equals?

It depends on how y depends on x.

What the results of x plus 2y-2x-y equals x equals?

x+2y-2x-y=x y-x=x y=2x

If xy equals x or yx equals x what is y?

xy = x ÷x y = 1

Does x-y equals y-x for all x plus y values?

No. In fact, under normal rules of operation, x-y equals y-x only when x = y.

If y varies inversely as x and y equals 3 when x equals 6 find the value of x when y equals 18?


What is reflection of y equals x?

y= -x

Can x equals y?

The answer depends on what x and y are!

What the answer to this elimination x-y equals 7 and x plus y equals 3?

x = 5, y = -2

X plus y equals 3 and x-y equals 7?


What is the y value of x - y equals 120 x plus y equals 150?

15 (x = 135)

If x plus 2 equals y and y equals 16 what is the value of x plus y?

x = 14

X plus y equals 4 x-y equals 4?


What property is x equals y and y equals 10 then x equals 10?

transitive property

How do you solve x plus y equals 2?

Y equals 1 and X equals 1

If y varies inversely as x and y equals 24 when x equals 8 find y when x is 4?

y is 12

What is the value of y in x equals -6 and x plus y equals 0?

y = 6

What is the answer to y equals x-15 if x equals 9.4?

y = x - 15. We know x = 9.4 y = 9.4 - 15 y = -5.6

Find an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y equals 2 when x equals 10 find y when x equals -25?

y = -5

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