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xy = x ÷x y = 1

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: If xy equals x or yx equals x what is y?
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Xy plus yx equals 545 what is the value of x and y?

xy and yx are identical so you have 2xy = 545 ie xy = 272.5. Possible answers 5 and 54.5, 10.9 and 25 etc

What is xy plus x plus 3y plus 3?

The problem to solve is: xy+x+3y+3 Multiply y and x Multiply the y and x Multiply y and x The y just gets copied along. The x just gets copied along. The answer is yx yx x*y evaluates to yx x*y+x evaluates to yx+x Multiply y and 3 Multiply y and 1 The y just gets copied along. The answer is y y 3*y evaluates to 3y The answer is yx+x+3y x*y+x+3*y evaluates to yx+x+3y The answer is yx+x+3y+3 x*y+x+3*y+3 evaluates to yx+x+3y+3 ---- The final answer isyx+x+3y+3----

If xy plus y equals z then x equals?

xy + y = z xy = z - y (xy)/y = (z - y)/y x = (z - y)/y

The only integer n where n equals xy equals yx and x does not equal y?

This gives us the equations: n = xy = yx x != y (Note that for this example, the != stands for not equal to similar to some programming languages.) xy always equals yx due to the communtative property of multiplication. So there are actually an infinite number of answers. Some are given below: 6 = (2)(3) = (3)(2), 2 != 3 12 = (3)(4) = (4)(3), 3 != 4

X plus XY equals 8 solve for Y?

x+xy=8 xy=-x+8 y=-1+8/x

What is the derivative of x squared?

f'(x)xy=yx(y-1) f'(x)2=2x1=2x

If x plus y equals 3 and yx equals 2 then y is equal to what?

If x+y = 3 and y times x = 2 then y = 1.

Simplify xy over yx divided by 2x over 2y?

xy over yx can be simplified to 1. 2x over 2y can be simplified to x over y. So the final step would be to simplify 1 divided by x over y, which would just be 1 multiplied by y over x. Answer: y/x (y over x)

What is k equals xy for x?

k = x y x = k/y

If x equals 0 and y equals 1 what is the value of xy?

"xy" refers to the product of "x" and "y". Just substitute the variables for numbers, and do the multiplication.

What is (x3 - y3) divided by (x - y)?


Find the coordinate of X if XY equals 1 and the coordinate of Y is 0?

If Y = 0 then there is no value of X such that XY = 1.

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