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Q: What kind of solution would have Kp value that is much greater than 1?
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The expected value is what kind of aspect of how probability distribution is characterized?

Expected value is the outcome of confidence of how probability distribution is characterized. If the expected value is greater than the confidence interval then the results are significant.

What kind of solution does an equation with two variables have?

Typically, you'll solve such an equation for one variable, in terms of the other variable. For example: y = 3x + 2 y = x squared - 5 y = 5 sin 3x Each of these is already solved for "y". If you substitute any value for "x" in this solution, you can calculate the corresponding value for "y".

When adding vectors simply draw and label the given information for what kind of solution?

That's a graphical solution.

What kind of mathematical relationship exists between conductivity and concentration?

The initial concentration affects the conductivity of a solution in a sense that the greater the initial concentration,the greater the conductivity.increase in concentration means presence of more free moving ions in the solution.but this can only occur in the initial concentration because,after the initial concentration,an increase in concentration will mean that there are now more ions present in the solution but the same volume,hence the ions wouldn't be able to move freely an in the initial concentration,hence the conductivity would then decrease since they can't move freely now.

What is 2 percent salt solution to a 4 percent salt solution?

Twice Half as strong. Really? What the heck kind of question is this?