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Well, in greek times, grecian scholars used the Abacus which used beads to keep track of numbers. Other societies used number charts similar to multiplication tables.

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Q: What kinds of calculators were used before electronics?
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What were early calculators called?

Before electronics were invented, Mathematicians used abacus's.

What are metaliods used for?

Some metalloids are semi-conductors used in computers and calculators, as well as other electronics.

What did people do before calculators?

They used the abacus

What kinds of rocks and minerals are rich in china?

coal used for electricity, and rare materials witch are not rare and used for electronics there the main reason electronics are expensive

What kind of calculators were used before electronics?

they used people fudging each other and how many times they would hump each other before getting El ReY A slide rule was commonly used in schools and industry. Chinese also had a basic slide beans up or down to compute

In England what kinds of electronics are used there?

We have much the same electronics as elsewhere - PCs, MP3 players, mobile phones, games consoles etc.

What were used before computer was used?

people previously used abacus beads ,calculators etc and they were working manually .

What was used before the computer was invented?

Hand operated and electrical calculators. One of the most famous of the electric calculators was the comptometer. your fingers and your toes. their brains.

Before calculators where invented what was the mathematical tool used to quickly add numbers?


Should electronics be allowed in school?

yes and no. As long as it is being used for calculators and learning sources it should be okay. Cell phones should be okay if you are not texting and is used in emergencies only.

What is the mathematical tool used before calculators called?

Two examples are abacus and slide rule

What are annuity calculators used for?

Annuity calculators are used to calculate the returns on investments made in annuities.

What was used to help us work out calculations before calculators were invented?

Mental MAth or Scrap Paper

What are LCD crystles used for besides TVs and video games?

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is used in a variety of electronics. They are used extensively calculators, wrist-watches, portable CD players, and MP3 players (to name a few).

What is the importance of a calculators?

Calculators are used for solving calculations which are beyond normal reasoning

What calculators should be used in Anna university board exams?

scientific calculators

What computer was used to decode the Enigma?

Enigma was way before computers, it was done by hand and crude mechanical calculators.

What are calculators used for?

Calculators are used to calculate, or solve math problems to come up with solutions.Hope that helped!

How are GPA calculators used?

GPA calculators are used for College students to keep track of their Grade Point Average.

How is the binary system used today- in at least two different ways?

It is used to run computers. The computer either has a switch on(1) or switch off(0). It is used in most electronics like computers, calculators, and to circulate electriciy.

Why are calculators used in exams?

well it is used for calculating numbers and would be useful but usually calculators are not used during exams as it is a basic rule for not using them !

How is trigonometry used in electronics?

Trigonometry is used effectively in electronics.

Are magnets used in calculators?


Are there amortization calculators that I can use with excel?

I recommend as an excellent website for amortization calculators that can be used in Microsoft excel

Information about electronics and telecomunication?

Electronics field deals with electronic equipments and circuits like computer watches calculators and radars etc, and it also deals with the devices which are used by us in current days like a cell phone, printer and other. While telecommunication deals with telephony and telegraphy.