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An irrational number representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. 22/7 (3.142857) is often used as a close representation, 355/113 is closer at 3.141529.

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Q: What number does the Pi symbol stand for?
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What does the pi symbol stand for?

it is a number 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288... it's just a lot of numbers after that

What does pi stand for when finding the volume of a cylinder?

Pi is a number defined as the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. many simplify it as 3.14, however, pi is an irrational number, so unless the number is specified in the directions or by the instructor, keep pi as its symbol similar to using an "x" in algebra

When was the symbol for Pi first used for Pi?

The first time the symbol Pi was first used for Pi was in ancient Greece in their numbers. The symbol "π" was number 80 in Greece.

What does the abbreviation pi stand for?

pi is not an abbreviation. It is a letter of the Greek alphabet symbol that symbolises one particular ratio.

What do we use the pi symbol to represent a number?

Because pi is an irrational number that has an infinite amount of digits

Which mathematicians first used the symbol pi and why?

Any mathematician will use the number pi (and its symbol) sooner or later - it is a number used extensively in many different areas of mathematics.

What does the symbol stand for in a phone number?

Depends on what symbol you are referring to.

Who found the symbol for PI?

Actually, the number was discovered and then a symbol had to be assigned to it. Letters of the Greek alphabet are traditionally used for mathematical things, to the symbol for pi was naturally chosen from the Greek alphabet.

What do you mean to the symbol Pi of Ferdinand von Lindemann?

Ferdinand von Lindemann proofed that the number Pi is transcendental.

When is the meaning of the 'pi' symbol in mathematics?

the meaning of pie is a number. and the number that represents pie is 3.14159 but continues.

Is The value π a rational number?

The symbol for pi is not a rational number because it can't be expressed as a fraction

What is a letter or symbol used to stand for a number?