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Q: What number has 2 digits the ones digit is odd the tens digit is even the sum of the digits are divisable by 3 the number is a square number?
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What is a 3 digit number that is even a square number under 500 and it's sum of digits is divisable by 15?

the squares of 10 though 22 are all three digit numbers under 500. though none of the sums of their digits total an even multiple of 15.

I am a square number. I am an odd two-digit number. The sum of my digits is a two-digit number. What number am I?


Jenny's number has three digits One digit is a prime number Another digit is a square number The other is digit is neither prime or square Her number is NOT divisable by three What is the grerate?

Single digit primes are 2, 3, 5, 7 Single digit squares are 1, 4, 9 Neither prime nor square are 0, 6, 8 None of that makes a difference if we can't figure out what a "grerate" is. I'll guess you want to know the greatest possible number given those conditions. That would be 985.

Which square of 4 digit number can be used to form the greatest 4 digit number?

Every square of a 4 digit number has more than four digits.

What 2 digit number is the square of the sum of its digits?


What is the smallest 4 digit number divisible by 9?

1111Improved Answer:-It is 1008 because 1008/9 = 112Any number is divisable by 9 if the sum of its digits equals 9.

What is a square number a 2 digit number and the product of its digits is 8?


A 3-digit number a square number and the product of its digits is 2?


What number is a 3 digit square number with the product of its digits equal to 2?


The sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number equals the square root of the number What is the number?


What is a two digit number whose sum of those digits is the square root of that number?

The number is 81.

How many digits does the square root of 55 have?

The square root of 55 is an irrational number, meaning it never ends and doesn't have a repeating digit pattern, so it has an infinite number of digits.