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Any Prime number to the 99th power has one hundred divisors.

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Q: What number is one hundred divisors?
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Related questions

What are the one digit divisors of 109?

109 is a prime number. Therefore, the only divisors are 1and 109.

How many divisors are there for the number 195?

There are eight divisors of the number 195.

How many divisors does the number 23 have?

23 is a prime number. It has two divisors.

What is a practical number?

A practical number is one that is the sum of distinct proper divisors.

What is the term for a number with divisors other than one and itself? known as a composite number. The lowest is 4, or 6 if you want two different divisors.

What are the divisors of 33550336?

same question i am asking i hope some one will see this question and improve this answer by putting in the divisors of that number

Are the factors of a number also divisors?

Yes, factors are divisors.

What are the divisors of the number 97?

The divisors of 97 are: 1, 97.

How many divisors does the number 231 have?

231 has 8 divisors.

How many divisors does 3240 have?

The number 3,240 has 40 divisors.

What number has exactly 10 divisors?

The first number to have exactly 10 divisors is 48.

What is a perfect Abundant Or dificient number?

A perfect number equals the sum of its proper divisors. A deficient number is greater than the sum of its proper divisors. An abundant number is less than the sum of its proper divisors. Proper divisors of a number do not include the number itself.

What are the divisors of 47?

Itself and one because 47 is a prime number

What are the divisors of 53?

Itself and one because 53 is a prime number

What is 16's Divisors?

2,4,8 (1 and 16 are divisors too, but the number and 1 are always divisors)

What number has nine divisors and is less than forty?

The number you are seeking is 36. The divisors are - 36,1,18,2,12,3,9,4,6.

What is a perfect number and give an example of one?

A perfect number is equal to the sum of its proper divisors (the factors excluding the number itself.) 6 is a perfect number. Its proper divisors are 1, 2 and 3.

A number that is greater than one whose only divisors equal one and itself?

That is called a prime number.

What are two divisors of 293?

293 only has two divisors because it is a prime number. The divisors are 1 and 293.

Is 1 is prime number?

No, a prime number is a number greater than one that has no other divisors other than one or itself.

What is the total number of different divisors of 7200?

7,200 has 54 different divisors.

What are the divisors of the number 21?

The divisors of 21 are: 1, 3, 7, 21.

How many divisors are in the number 4?

Three divisors: 1 2 4.

What are dividends of 1259?

1259 is a prime number. As such, it has two divisors, one and itself.

Why is 31 a prime number?

Because it has no divisors other than itself and one. That is the definition of a prime number.