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What number sentence completes t he fact family




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Q: What number sentence completes the fact family?
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Fact family number sentence to solve 32 dividend by 768?


What is the difference between a fact family in a number family?

fact family are related facts Number family are related numbers

How does the number of sentences in a fact family with 2 identical factors compare to the number of sentences in a fact family with 2 different factors?


Which number sentence is part of the fact family for 3 5 and 8?

8-5=3 2+3=5

What other number is a part of this fact family?


Sentence usingthe word alluding?

A sentence using the word "alluding" would be: She was alluding to the fact that the family was new in town.

What is the definition of a division sentence?

A division sentence is a number sentence. The sentence is used to express a division fact such as six divided by three equals two.

What kind of sentence is a fact?

a sentence that tells a fact is a declarative sentence

How are all number sentences in a fact family alike?

all the numbers are the same

Why does the fact family for 81 and 9 have only 2 number sentences?


What fact family would you use to find the number in 2ft?

The number in 2ft is 2. The fact you would use is probably 1 + 1 = 2.

Who completes the consent of surety form?

The surety company or their attorney in fact (the surety agent).

In math what is a fact family?

a fact family is a group of numbers that use the same numbers to make aaddition,subtraction,divison or a multiplacation sentence or equation(Best Answer)

Why do some fact families have only two number sentences in them?

this is when there are the same digit numbers in the sentence

What fact family would you use to find the number of days in 1 week?


Which number sentence is NOT in the same fact family as the other 3 number sentences A. 30 and divide 6 5 B. 9 and times 6 54 C. 54 and divide 9 6 D. 6 and times 9 54?


What is the fact family for 7?

7 is an odd number 7 is a rational number 7 is a prime number

Why does the fact family for 81 and 9 have only two number factor?

The fact family for 81 has more than 2 factors: 1, 3, 9 are factors: and that is more than two!

A sentence that expresses a fact?

a declarative sentence.

What is the multiplication and division fact family for 2?

Any even number is divisible by 2. Use to to multiply and you always get an even number.

How do you find value of n in fraction?

Its value lies in the fact that it completes the word: without n the word would be fractio!

Why do you get a shock from static electricity?

It is due to the fact that your body completes the circuit from a high potential to a lower one.

How do you use fact and opinion in a sentence?

you say a fact about the subject and then you use it in a sentence sounding like an opinion

What is a sentence for fact?

Some would question that fact.

What kind on senace is a fact?

a declarative sentence is a fact

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