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It depends on the exact nature of the problem.

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Q: What operation and fraction should you use to solve a problem w hen something is cut into eighths?
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What is the fraction for 80 eighths?

To best solve the problem what is the fraction for 80 eighths, you must first convert 1/8 into a decimal. One divided by eight is .125. You then take .125 and multiply it by 80. The answer is 10, or in fraction form, 10/1.

What are homophones for parts of a whole and something that answers a math problem?

Quoting or fraction .

What fractions strips in an eights strip that have more than one mark that lines up with the marks on the eight strip?

If your teacher gave you an eighths strip like the one you made in Problem 1.2, which of the fraction strips you folded for Problem 1.2 would have more than one mark that lines up with the marks on the eighths strip?

What is the Name of the answer to an addition fraction problem?

the answer is the addition fraction answer

Can a fraction division problem come up as a fraction as an answer?


How is a division problem similar to a fraction?

A fraction is a division problem. The line in a fraction can be thought of as the words "divided by." 3/4 = 3 divided by 4

When do people use inverse operation?

people use inverse operations when there is a number like -3 then you change it to a regular problem like 3. you use it when something is opposite to the regular problem.

What problem is in every fraction?


The action performed in a math problem?

Is an operation.

Why can you write a division problem as a fraction?

when you are writing a division problem as a fraction u take the remainder of your problem and make it the numerator and make the number you are dividing by the denominator

What is the answer to a problem using the operation of multiplication?

well it matters on the problem your solving really.

How do you make a fraction on a fraction calculator?

You can turn the fraction to a decimal and then just add a decimal to where it is needed in the problem.

What is the name of a problem with a letter and an operation in math?


Can you reduce a fraction in a division problem?


How do you find the answer to a subtraction fraction problem?

by working it out

Is the numerator the parts in all in a fraction problem?

The numerator is the top number in any fraction.

What is 0.74 as a fraction-?

The number 0.74 as a fraction would be 37/50. This is a math problem.

What to do when you have an improper fraction to multiplication problem?

Treat is the same way as you would a proper fraction.

How do you find out 1 half- 1 eghth?


What is two eighths in a decimal?

faction is a division problem 2/8, so 2 divided by eight =0.25

What does 1 step equation mean in math?

by doing one operation ( +,-,x,/) you will get the answer to the problem. You have to pick the correct operation.

What mean to model a problem?

show the work to something or a problem to something ; math problem or scientific method :)

How do you know when a fraction is correct or incorrect?

A fraction is correct if it matches all the information given in the problemAND answers the question that the problem asks. Otherwise the fractionis incorrect.As you can see, it depends on the problem. The same fraction can easily becorrect in one problem and incorrect in a different one.

What if the problem is a fraction with a negative exponent?

Flip the fraction top-to-bottom, and delete the minus sign from the exponent.

What is the equivalent multiplicatin problem for two and two fifths divided by five eighths?

12/5 x 8/5