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Q: What parts of the compex number is real?
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Where could one purchase a Compex muscle stimulator?

A Compex Muscle Stimulator can be purchased at a number of different stores. Online general stores such as Amazon and eBay both stock both new and used versions of this product. Online specialized fitness stores such as Fitness Superstore also sell the Compex deveice.

Has anyone got compex exam papers?

not me !

What are the compex roots in mathematics?

The complex roots of an equation is any solution to that equation which cannot be expressed in terms of real numbers. For example, the equation 0 = x² + 5 does not have any solution in real numbers. But in complex numbers, it has solutions.

What are the parts of real number system?

Natural Number, Integers, Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers

Define conjugate number?

A conjugate number refers to a complex number having both the imaginary and real parts of opposite signs and equal magnitude.

What is compex?

COMPEX stands for Computerized Miniature Pocket Exerciser. Developed in Switzerland and used by athletes around the world. COMPEX is the market and technology leader in neuromuscular stimulation that is proven to work with users around the world. COMPEX uses revolutionary electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology that allows the user to exercise more muscle fibers in less time. The EMS impulse targets specific muscle fibers so the user can exercise that muscle group for endurance events, strength train, increase muscle explosiveness and even clear lactic acid build up using the recovery programs.

Is the square root of -100 rational?

The square root of 100 is rational since it is not repeating.

How you mean complex number in your life?

A complex number, in my life, is a number which is composed of two parts: one part which is a real number and the other which is imaginary. It can be represented by a point in a coordinate plane.

Is every complex number a real number?

A complex number z has two parts - a real part and an imaginary part - and is of the form:z := x + iywherex and y are real numbersi represents √-1, that is i2 = -1.("x" is the real part, "iy" is the imaginary part)As x and y are real numbers, they can be any real number including 0.If x = 0, the resulting complex number z is of the form "iy" and is totally imaginary;if y = 0, the resulting complex number z is of the form "x" and is totally real.Thus real numbers are a subset of complex numbers, that is every real number is a complex number, but not every complex number is a real number.yes

Is the product of a complex number and its conjugate a real number?

Yes. If you multiply X + iY by X - iY you get X2 + Y2. The imaginary parts cancel out.

Is 2 and a half a complex number number?

2 ½ is called a mixed number (a whole number and a fraction), not complex.Complex number means there can be real and/or imaginary parts to a number. Without confusing you though, complex numbers include all of the real numbers (which include all fractions and mixed numbers).

How do you write complex numbers in the form a plus bi?

A complex number comes in two parts: a real part and an imaginary part. If the value of the real part is a and the value of the imaginary part is b, the number is written as a + bi.