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Multiplication Property of Zero

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Q: What property is it if 0x equals 0?
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Related questions

What if -x plus x equals 0x?

This is always true! According to the Additive Inverse Axiom -X+X always equals 0 which is equivalent to 0X.

What is 4x - 4x?


How many solutions are there to the equation 0x equals 4?

None.Whatever number you substitute for 'x', 0x will always be 0,and the equation will always become [ 0 = 4 ].No value of 'x' can make [ 0 = 4 ]. There is no solution.

What number multiplied by zero equals 1?

There is no number that can multiplied by 0 to get 1. The equation 0x = 1 has no solution bcause 0x = 0 whatever number x may be. You might think that 1/0 times 0 would equal 1 but 1/0 is not a number.

What is the derivative for x0?

f'(x)= 0x^-1=0anything multiplied by zero equals zero

What is X when x2 plus 0x - 2.25 equals 0?

X2+0X - 2.25=01.= Both sides by 2.25X2+0X=2.252. Subtract both sides by 0XX2=2.253. Square root both sidesX=1.5

What property is 0 plus 7.5 equals 7.5?

The property is identity property of addition. This property states that any number plus 0 equals that number. identity property of multiplication states that any number times 1 equals that number.

What property is this 1315 x 0 equals 0?

It is a consequence of the property that 0 is the additive identity.

Is 0-0 equals 0 identity property?


What is the property of 2 x 0 equals 0?

It's called the zero property

What is the property of -10 plus 0 equals -10?

It is the property that 0 is the identity for addition.

What is the property for 4x0 equals 0?

identity property of multiplication

What property is 18 plus 0 equals 0 plus 18?

This is the Commutative property or law.

Which property states the product of any factor and 0 equals 0?

Zero Product Property

Which of the following methods would be the easiest to use to solve x2 - 6 equals 0?

x^2-6=0x^2=6 x=±√6

X2 plus 6X plus 5 equals 0?

x2+6x+5=0(x+1)(x+5)=0x=-1 and x=-51-6+5=0 and 25-30+5=0 so both answers work.

Which property is illustrated by this problem 99.78 plus 0 equals 99.78?

The property that 0 is the additive identity.

Which property adding 0 to any number leaves it unchanged for example a plus 0 equals a?

Additive identity property

What is 0 cubed?

03 is 0, because 0 x 0 is 0, and 0x 0 is 0.

What property is h plus 0 equals h?

comutity property

What is the property of 1 plus 0 equals 1?

zero property

Which property is demonstrated by this problem 39 plus 0 equals 0 plus 39?

The commutative property of addition.

What property is 6 times 0 equals 0?

It is the fact that 0 is the additive identity.

What is the property demonstrated of 9 plus 0 equals 9?

Identity property.

What property is 6 plus 0 equals 6?

identity property of addition