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the numerical part or digits represent some value

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Q: What represents a number or value?
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Related questions

What is the value of 3 in the value number 3259?

The "3" in "3,259" represents "3,000".

What is the value of 8 in 18956?

The number 8 represents 8,000

Is a value a number that represents a quantity or an amount?

Yes, a value can represent a quantity or amount.

What digit represents the hundreds place of the number 1098?

It is the digit of 0 that represents the hundreds place value.

How do you place value 3 in decimal number 4.438?

The digit 3 in the number 4.438 represents the value of three hundredths.

What is the value of the 2 in 627 384?

In the number 627,384 it represents 20,000

The digit 5 in which number represents a value of 5 thousands?


Which number represents the value of the base in every number system?

10 (that is, one zero, not ten).

What is the value obtained by multiplying a number by itself?

It is the square of the original number. If the original number represents a length, then the square of the original number represents an area of a square with side equal to the original number.

What is the value of the 3 in each of these numbers 920.01313.667 310.554 42.536?

In the first number, 3 represents 3 thousandths. In the second number, 3 represents 3 ones. In the third number, 3 represents 3 hundreds. In the fourth number, 3 represents 3 hundredths.

What is the numerical value of 561?

The Roman numeral which represents the number 561 is DLXI

What is the numerical value of 'C?

The Roman numeral C represents the number 100

What is the Arabic value of mmcmxliii?

The Roman numeral MMCMXLIII represents the number 2943

What does m represent in a decimal number line?

It represents the value of the variable m.

What is the place value of the 7 in the number 79613?

It represents 70,000 = seventy thousand

What is the value of the numeral 6 in the number 1.604?

The numeral 6 in the number 1.604 represents 6/10.

What is the value for the 2 in the number 0.0002?

The digit 2 in the number 0.0002 represents two ten-thousandths.

Which value represents a number that has distance of 4 units from 0 on a number line?

+4 and -4 both do.

The value of 6 in the number 13629?

The 6 represents 600

What symbol represents value or value creation?

There are an infinite number of symbols that can represent value or value creation. You could use a bird as a symbol for example.

The value of 1500 represents love the value of 528 represents parents love SO the value of 520 represents what?

Love from others

What iS the value of the roman numera L?

The Roman numeral L represents the number 50

What is the value 4 in the numbers 147609?

In the number 147609, 4 represents forty thousand.

What is the value of the Roman numeral IV?

The Roman numeral IV represents the number 4

What is the value of 3 in 24.37?

The digit 3 in the number 24.37 represents three tenths.