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Q: What shape does an exponential graph?
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What is the shape of a displacement-time graph for an object that is constantly speeding up?

If the Object is falling at a constant velocity the shape of the graph would be linear. If the object is falling at a changing velocity (Accelerating) the shape of the graph would be exponential- "J' Shape.

Categorize the graph as linear increasing linear decreasing exponential growth or exponential decay.?

Exponential Decay. hope this will help :)

What general pattern is found on a graph of radioactive decay?

A deacresing exponential graph is formed.

Is a graph exponential?

It can be, but it need no be.

When you graph a populations exponential growth over time you will have an s-shaped graph true or false?


How does the graph of an exponential function differ from the graph of a linear function and how is the rate of change different?

The graph of a linear function is a line with a constant slope. The graph of an exponential function is a curve with a non-constant slope. The slope of a given curve at a specified point is the derivative evaluated at that point.

What shape does the quadratic graph make?

The graph of a quadratic equation has the shape of a parabola.

What shape is a Cooling curve graph?

A Cooling curve graph changes shape.

What happens to a graph that is representative of exponential decay?

As time passes - as the graph goes more and more to the right, usually - the graph will get closer and closer to the horizontal axis.

Write an exponential function and graph the function?


Where is exponential growth happening in the graph shown above Apex?

Point A. APEX

What does an exponential graph and logistic graph of growth look like?

Yuo cannot include a graphical illustration here. Take a look at the Wikipedia, under "exponential function" and "logistic function". Basically, the exponential function increases faster and faster over time. The logistics function initially increases similarly to an exponential function, but then eventually flattens out, tending toward a horizontal asymptote.