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Hampsters are no different than mice at 1 week, they will look pink and their eyes will be closed.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-31 02:43:55
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Q: What should hamsters look like at one week?
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How often should you clean out a hamsters cage?

I clean out my hamsters cage twice a week.

When should you clean out your hamsters cage?

you should clean it once a week

How often should a hamsters cage be cleaned out?

hi a hamsters cage should be cleaned out every week this is natasha thx

How often should you change a hamsters bedding?

Every week

When should you change your hamsters water?

I have a hamster myself. Change the water every week when you clean your hamsters cage. (:

Can 1 week old hamsters eat cucumbers?

You should absolutely leave baby hamsters alone until they are weaned.

What should your abdomen look like at week 4 of pregnancy?

It will look much the same as usual.

How old before baby hamsters get their fur?

their fur should start coming in after about a week

What has the moon looked likethe past week?

what did the moon look like the past week? what did the moon look like the past week?

What does a 34 week old fetus look like?

wat does a 34 week old fetus look like?

How many times do hamsters need a bath?

Hamsters need baths atleast once a week or up to two times a week

How long do female hamsters have to be pregnant to have babies?

well if you are interested in breeding hamsters. I herd that you should leave a boy hamster in the cage with the girl hamster for 2 week then take him out then she should have them in 30 days or less. :)

How soon can hamsters conceive?

about 1 week.

If baby hamsters are 1 week old and there mother won't look after them will they die?

Yes, sadly, because they need their mothers milk.

How often should you change your hamsters water?

Every 3,4 days it depends how low it is but you have to change it at least once a week.

Is it normal for a hamsters teeth to fall out?

no it isnt, i would check with a vet to be sure that nothings wrong. well actually it is normal for hamsters teehth to fall out. they grow back just like ours do just feed your pet soft food untill then and it should be fine after about a week.

How old do baby hamsters have to be till you give them away?

it depends on the type of hamster you get. you should give baby hamsters away when they are two or three weeks depending n your type of hamster if it is a syran hamster you should give the babys away at two weeks other hamsters you can give it another week

How does week old cheese look like?

it will look like bread in a toaster when it is black

How much do you have to clean a hamsters cage?

you need to kleen out a hamsters cage about once a week or more if necessery

Can hamsters have brocali?

yes, hamsters can but only give them small bits at a time. broccoli is a treat for them so only give it about once a week. your hamster may not like it if not try giving it sunflower seeds instead. decall (i have 8 hamsters lol)

How recently do you have to bath hamsters?

3 times a week

When do baby hamsters get their fur?

about a week later after birth

What will a 9 week old all black mini jack look like?

it will look like a 9 week old black mini jack

How many times a week do you clean a hamsters cage?

if there is 1 hamster in the cage once a week should do the trick if there are 2-4 try cleaning it 2 or 3 times a week this is coming from a hamster breeder and owner

Are hamsters messey pets?

No hamsters arent messy pets but you have to clean their cage once a week cuz it stinks