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Service wire for 100 amps requires AWG #3 copper.

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Q: What size feeder wire for 100 amps?
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What wire size is good for 100 amps?

# 4 copper wire short distance.

What wire size to carry 16 amps 100 ft?


What size wire is needed for carrying 100 amps under ground?

To calculate the wire size, a system voltage is needed.

What wire size is used for 100 watt 12 volt lamp?

Volts * Amps = Watts 12 V * ?Amps = 100 Watts OR ? Amps =100W/12V OR 8.33 Amps = 100W/12V Use a 10Amp fuse inline and you can get by with 16Ga wire.

How do you solve for the size of wire when the given is kva?

The V stands for volts and A is amps. If for example you have a 12kVA device and are running off a voltage of 120 volts then Amps = 12000/120 = 100. You then use the calculated amps in a wire size table to get the correct size.

What size wire for 100 amp?

A #3 copper wire with an insulation rating of 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 100 and 110 amps consecutively.

What size wire do you need for 100 amp feeder single phase running 350' away?

To answer this question a voltage must be given.

Can work wire for 100 amps use for 60 amps circuit?

If you have 100 amp wire, you can use it for a 60 amp circuit, or for any circuit of 100 amps or less. But if you have a 60 amp circuit, 60 amp wire is thinner and cheaper than 100 amp wire.

What size neutral conductor for 100 amp panel?

#2 Copper with TW insulation is required for 100 amp loads #3 Copper with R90 insulation is rated at 105 amps.

How do you calcuate Voltage Drop 100' 10 wire copper 30 amps?

Use the Related Link Website. At the same website check out wire size calculator. You need a #8 wire to get a full 30 load at 100 feet.

What is the required wire size wire for 100 amp service?

A #3 copper wire with an insulation factor of 75 and 90 degrees C is rated at 100 and 105 amps respectively.

What size of wire is required for 20 amps 220v over 100 ft?

12 AWG should be fine since resistance of wire is only about .16 ohms per 100 ft.