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Service wire for 100 amps requires AWG #3 copper.

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Q: What size feeder wire for 100 amps?
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What size wire is needed to carry 100 amps 100 feet?

#6 wire stranded

What wire size is good for 100 amps?

# 4 copper wire short distance.

What wire size to carry 30 amps 100 ft?

AWG-8 wire can safely carry 30 amps to a load 100 feet away.

What wire size to carry 16 amps 100 ft?


What size of cable required for 100 amp 3 phase 400 volts?

cable size for 90 amps 3 phase 440 v <<>> A #3 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 100 and 105 amps respectively. If this feeder is for a motor connection the wire size has to be increased to 125% of the full load amps of the motor.

What size wire is needed for carrying 100 amps under ground?

To calculate the wire size, a system voltage is needed.

What size wire will carry 100 amps 100 feet?

A #2 copper wire with an insulation factor of 75 and 90 degrees C is rated at 115 and 120 amps respectively.

What size aluminum wire will carry 100 amps 100 feet?

2 AWG in Aluminium is required.

What wire size is used for 100 watt 12 volt lamp?

Volts * Amps = Watts 12 V * ?Amps = 100 Watts OR ? Amps =100W/12V OR 8.33 Amps = 100W/12V Use a 10Amp fuse inline and you can get by with 16Ga wire.

How do you solve for the size of wire when the given is kva?

The V stands for volts and A is amps. If for example you have a 12kVA device and are running off a voltage of 120 volts then Amps = 12000/120 = 100. You then use the calculated amps in a wire size table to get the correct size.

How do you calculate the wire size needed to carry a 100 amps a 100 feet?

you Multiply 100 X 100 you Multiply 100 X 100

What size aluminum wire for 100 amps undergroundservice 60 feet from meter?

you would use #2 aluminum urd wire for a 100 amp service

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