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AWG 4 copper.

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Q: What size wire to use for 100 amp service 160 feet from the power pole?
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What gauge wire do you have to use to run electric service to a trailer that has 110 - 30 amp service and is 250 feet from the power pole?

Contact your local Electric provider for the correct size wire and any other rules they have in place. Do it wrong and you will just do it again.

How many volts from a double pole 15 amp breaker?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. 230 to 240 volts on any size two pole breaker on single phase installations. The voltage varies from location to location from different utility power companies.

At 120 feet what size wire to service 2 houres power pump that draws 30 amps?

If that is continuous draw and not start, then I would use 8awg.

How much loss from power pole to 200 amp breaker box then off 400 feet then split at a pump house then another 30 feet to a 100 amp breaker box?

For an accurate calculation it will be necessary to know what the size of breaker exists in the pump house and what size conductors are used. Power loss is measured using actual amps required, not size of the circuit involved. But the size of circuit (breaker size) can be used. Voltage must also be known.

What size aluminum wire would you need to run 500 ft from the power pole to maintain 50 amp service?

This is a voltage drop question. To answer this question a voltage needs to be stated. This is a calculation for a 120/240 service. A 3/0 aluminum conductor will limit the voltage drop to 3% or less when supplying 50 amps for 500 feet on a 240 volt system.

What size service underground wire for 60amp at60 feet?

# 6 copper wire.

What size service cable for 100 amp main panel 100 feet away?


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How can I tell if I am purchasing the right size generator to power my home during blackouts?

Choosing the right size depends ont he size of your home in feet and the number of appliances.

What wire size needed for 150 amp service at 325 feet Copper or Aluminum?

This is a voltage drop question. To receive an answer to this question the voltage of the service must be stated.

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