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It should be set at 6 miles per hour. This will give a time of 20 minutes for two miles.

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Q: What speed should the treadmill be set on to run 2 miles in 21 minutes?
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What speed should you run on a treadmill to get a distance of 2.2 miles in around 20 minutes?

Set the treadmill at 6.6 mph

What speed is 7.7 on a treadmill?

The speed on a treadmill is 7.7 miles per hour. When you are going this fast, it is a pretty quick for you to go.

What speed should you run at to do 1.5 miles in 14 minutes?

1.5 miles per 14 minutes ~6.42 miles per hour

How far is 300 meters on a treadmill?

0.19 miles is about 300 metres. Hard to set .19 miles on a treadmill. What i do is set the sprint speed on the treadmill at 10 miles per hour, and time it for 60 seconds. I make .19 or so in the 60 seconds and that includes the treadmill warming up. Takes about 8 seconds for it to get up to the 10 mph sprint speed.

What is the fastest speed this treadmill can go?

This treadmill's maximum speed is 12 miles per hour. It's lowest speed is 0.1 miles per hour.

What is the treadmill speed to run a 13 minute mile?

To run a 13-minute mile you will need to average 4.62 miles per hour for the whole 13 minutes.

What speed on the treadmill is an 8 minute mile?

7.5 miles per hour.

How long will it take to do a marathon on treadmill at speed 6 mph?

4 hours 22 minutes.

How long should you walk on a treadmill?

It depends what you are aiming for. Do you just want to become physically fitter or do you want to lose weight?For example, I run for around 8 minutes on 5-5.2,then I switch to 4 speed 2 incline for 10 minutes,then I run on 5 speed for another 2-3 minutes,then I switch to 10 incline 3.5-3.8 speed for 7 minutes,then back to 4 speed on 4 incline for 5 minutes.For information about how to lose weight walking on a treadmill, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Whats the average speed if you run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes?

If you run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes your average speed is 7.5 miles per hour.

What is the speed of 12.5 miles in 34 minutes?

This is an average speed of 22.06 miles per hour.

How many calories are burnt running for 30 minutes?

about 550 to 600 calories if ran on a treadmill at speed 10

What speed do you need to travel 90 miles in 75 minutes?

A speed of 90 miles per 75 minutes or 72 miles per 60 minutes. If you must have it in more conventional form, then 72 mph.

What rate of speed is 4 miles in 18 minutes?

4 miles in 18 minutes = 13.33... miles per hour.

What is your average speed if you drive 200 miles in 90 minutes?

The idea is to divide the distance by the time. Since presumably you want the answer in miles/hour, you should first convert the minutes to hours.

How many miles will you go in 110 minutes if you go 3 miles in 22 minutes?

3 miles in 22 2 minutes is the same speed as 15 miles per 110 minutes.

What is the speed when driving 22.28 miles in 36 minutes?

The average speed is 37.13 miles per hour.

What is the average speed if you ran 3 miles 45 minutes?

Three miles in 45 minutes is an average speed of 4 miles per hour or 5.87 feet per second.

If someone runs 10 miles in 90 minutes what is their average speed?

If someone runs 10 miles in 90 minutes their average speed is 6.67 mph

How long should you start walking on a treadmill for the first time?

It depends on your physical condition. If you can, try to start out with 20 minutes of walking with 3 miles per hours. Do this every other day for two weeks, and you are ready to start loading some more time to the table. Add 5 more minutes in the next two weeks until you hit 30 minutes of walking in that speed. After that your primary goal is to do the thirty minutes of exercising with more intensity. Add some speed to the treadmill every other week until you hit 8 miles per hour. From this point on, you should focus on trying to get more and more time to your workouts, until you hit one hour workouts. After that, you should be in a great physical condition and keep that up or consult a professional trainer about what to do next if you still want to improve.

How fast are you traveling if you go 1 mile in 5 minutes?

Speed = Distance/Time Speed = 1 mile/5 minutes x (60 minutes/1 hour) Speed = 60 miles.minutes/5 minutes.hour (cross minutes) Speed = 60 miles/5 hours Speed = 12 miles an hour

What speed should I have to walk 3 miles in 60 minutes?

Speed=Distance/Time so in this case the base unit of time is the hour. Since 1 hr = 60 mins Speed = 3 miles/1 hour therefore Speed = 3 miles per hour.

What is the speed in miles per hour if you walk 6.83508 miles in 110 minutes?

6.84608 miles in 110 minutes is about 3.73 miles per hour.

If you needed to travel 10 miles in 30 minutes how fast would you go?

20 mph. At that speed, in one hour you would travel 20 miles. After half an hour of traveling at that speed, you would have gone 10 miles.

What is the average speed to run 1.5miles in 12 minutes?

1.5 miles/12 minutes = 7.5 miles/hour