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How about: 4+9+36 = 49 which is a perfect square number

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Q: What threenumbers squared equal a perfect square?
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Does one squared number times another equal a third?

One perfect square times another perfect square does produce a third perfect square.

What number is equal to 114 when it is squared?

114 isn't a perfect square but it's10.6770783

Why is 360 not a square number?

It is not a perfect square because 182 = 324 and 192 = 361 Therefore, there is no integer which can be squared to equal 360.

A square number between 250 and 280?

The only perfect square between 250 and 280 is 256, which is equal to ±16 squared.

Is 156 a perfect square?

No, because there is no integer that can be squared to equal 156. 12*12=144, and 13*13=169.

Is 4x squared plus 20x plus 25 a perfect square trinomial?

Yes because its discriminant is equal to zero

How do you square a square root?

The square of any square root is equal to the number itself. For example, the square of the square root of 2 squared is equal to 2. The square root of 10 squared is equal to 10.Similarly, the square of the square root of 2 is equal to 2.

How to draw a square with 10 equal parts?

You can draw 10 equal rectangular parts to draw a square. First, draw a square. Then, split into ten equal portions with the dimension either 2 by 5 or 5 by 2. You cannot draw a square with 10 equal squared parts since 10 is not the perfect square. If we don't have the perfect square number of the equal parts, then we are not able to form a square. Actually, you obtain a rectangle.

9t squared plus 42t plus 49?

9t2 + 42t + 49 is a perfect square, equal to (3t + 7)2

What does side squared equal?

the area of a square

Why isn't 28 a square number?

28 is not a perfect square. A perfect square is an integer that is the square of another integer. 9 is a perfect square; it equal to 3 squared, or 3 X 3. Often, such numbers are called simply square numbers. While 28 is not a perfect square, it is a square number in the sense that it has a square root. by definition, the square root of 28 times itself equals 28.

A meter squared is equal to how many centimeters squared?

One square meter is ten thousand square cm.

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