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nine oclock and six oclock

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Q: What time is it when the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock are at right angles?
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How many times between midnight and noon do the minute hand and hour hand of a clock form right angles?


What is the minute hand on the clock?

The long hand

Which hand on a clock is the minute hand?

It is the long hand.

Which has more momentum a second hand on a clock or a minute hand on a clock?

the second hand

How many angles on a clock form in one hour?

I believe it to be 360. Because the minute hand moves around the clock (a circle) once, completing 360 degrees. Infinitely many.

What is the time period of the minute hand on a clock?

The time period of a nimute hand on the clock is one minute since it takes a minute for it to complete one oscillation, ie., one complete cycle of the clock.

How many degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 1 hour?

The minute hand of a clock turns about 360 degrees each hour.

How long is 45 minutes?

45 minutes is 3/4 hour. Or say, 45 mins x 60 sec = 2700 seconds. And in 45 minutes, the minute hand of your clock travels 3 right angles.

What is a minute hand on a clock?

The minute hand is the largest hand on most analogue clocks. At 3 o'clock on a 12-hour clock, the minute hand is pointing straight up to the 12. It measures time to the nearest minute by advancing one of the small minute hash marks every 60 seconds. Every time the second hand makes one full sweep of the clock face, the minute hand advances one of the minute marks. The second hand is the fastest moving hand on a standard analogue clock, making one full sweep every 60 seconds.

Is there another word for clock hands?

Hour hand and minute hand.

Who invented the minute hand and hour hand?

Whoever invented the clock.

Why is the minute hand longer on a clock?

because a minute is faster than an hour.