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If you mean: t+48 = 75 then the value of t is 27 because 27+48 = 75

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Q: What value of t make the equation t 48 75 true?
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What is that absolute value of -48?

|-48| = 48.

What is the answer to this equation 2x4x6 equals?


What is the equation for 12w equals 48?

It is 12w = 48 or w = 4.

What is the linear equation of -4a equals 48?

-4a = 48 a = -12

What is the answer for 2c squared plus 10c-48?

[ 2c2 + 10c - 48 ] is not a question. It's just an expression that stands for a number, and we can't tell what the number is until we know what 'c' is. If you said it was equal to something, then you'd have an equation, and you could ask "What number does 'c' have to be in order to make this equation true ?" But without an 'equals' sign ( = ) in it, it's not a question, and has no answer.

What is the absolute value of -48?


What is the absolute value of 48?

It is 48.

What is the value of X for the equation 6X equals -42?


What is the absolute value of negative 48?


What is the equation of LCM of 32 and 48?

Lcm(32,48) = (32*48)/gcd(32,48)

What if doctors determined that there were 2 out of 25 people sick.if there were 600 peoplehow many had sick?

If you make the unjustified assumption that the 25 people were a representative sample of the 600, then you would expect 48 sick people. However, that is merely the expected value, the true number is likely to be different from 48.

What is n divided by 16 plus 7 equals 10 mean?

It is an equation in the form of: n/16 +7 = 10 and the value of n is 48

What is the value of n in the equation n divided by 4 is equal to n minus 12?

n/4=n-12 So n=4n-48 Therefore -3n=-48 Finally n=16

3x plus 6y equals 48 -5x plus 6y equals 32?

Presumably this is a simultaneous equation question in the form of: 3x+6y = 48 -5x+6y = 32 Subtract the bottom equation from the top equation in order to eliminate y. Note that 3x - - 5x is equal to + 8x: 8x = 16 Divide both sides by 8 to find the value of x: x = 2 Substitute the value of x into the original equations to find the value y: Therefore: x = 2 and y = 7

What is the range of 48 and 60?

Range = highest value - lowest value Range = 60 - 48 = 12

What is 48 divided by 6 show equation?


What is the first step in solving the equation -48 -16 equals 20?

-48 -16 = 20 First add -48 and -16, which = -64, which indicates that this is not an equation, because both sides are not equal. -64 ≠ 20

What is the first step in solving the equation t mines 17 equals 48?

t - 17 = 48 The first step is to move the -17 to the right side of the equation and end up with: t = 48 + 17. (When you switch sides, the sign changes) To solve the equation: t = 65

What is 42 over 48 equals 8?

42 over 48 equals 8 OR 42/48 = 8 is an incorrect mathematical equation.

How do you find 48 to 14 decrease percent?

% decrease = the absolute value of the difference of the original value and the new value divided by the original value multiplied by 100%% decrease:= |48 - 14|/48 x 100%= 34/48 x 100%= 0.7083 x 100%= 70.83%

What is the ascii value of zero?

The ascii value of zero - is 48.

Which value for x makes this sentence true x -2 equals 4x plus 46?

x - 2 = 4x + 46-2 = 3x + 46-48 = 3xx = -48/3 or -16

The sum of two whole number is 72 their difference is 48 what are the two number?

First you have to transform the problem into equations.We have two unknow numbers, let's call them a and bthe sum of the two numbers if 72 would be writtena+b = 72their difference is 48 would be writtena-b=48(one of the number is greater than the other, we chose to say that a was the greatest)Now, we use the fact that we can add a same quantity to both part of an equation and keep this equation true. As a-b equals 48, it is the same quantity, and we can add it to both part of the equation a+b = 72. For the left part, with the unknown numbers, we add the part containing also unknow numbers (a-b) and for the right part (a value) we add the part with a value (48)a+b = 72 a+b+a-b = 72 + 48 a+a = 120 a = 60Now we have a. So we can substitute its value in any of the equations, for example the first who becomes60 + b = 72 60 + b - 60 = 72 - 60 (we add -60, a same quantity, to both side of the equation) b = 12(The mathematic reasoning to solve this problem have been shown in bold)

How do you factor w squared minus 13w plus 48?

w2 - 13w + 48You want to write the equation in the form (w+a)(w+b). However, if this particular equation could be written in this form, there would be at least one value of x where y = 0. There are no such solutions for this equation, so it cannot be factored into this form.However, you can factor it if you separate 48 into 42.25 + 5.75:w2 - 13w + 48 = (w - 6.5)2 + 5.75 = (w - 6.5)(w - 6.5) + 5.75

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