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the model airplane weighed 150 grs.

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Q: What would a one tenth scale model airplane weigh if the full scale plane weighed 3000 lbs?
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How do you weigh an airplane?

Stand on a scale. Figure out how much you weigh. Then pick up the airplane and stand on the scale. Subtract how much you originally weighed, and that is the weight of the airplane.

Rual is making a scale model of an airplane that has a wingspan of 44 feet. If Rual's scale model is 1 16 the size of the actual airplane what is the wingspan of his model?

33 inches

What would your scale read if you weighed yourself on an inclined plane?

The same as if you were not standing on your head.

What was the first n scale train set?

it was actually a model! a 747 airplane

A man builds a model plane that is a scale model of an original The original plane is 150 feet in length If the scale model uses 4 inches for every 50 feet the model is inches in length?

12 inches

How long does it take a plane around the world?

A long time, like about 7-9 days. But my great granddaddie went acroos the world in 6 1/2 days!!!With nothing to eat, he was barefoot, and the only shelter he had was his sock, so beet that Forest Gump! It takes about 52 hours by plane

What is the testable model in the engineering design process?

Either youre talking about a scale model, or a test plane

What type of model is an airplane model?

there are several kinds of model airplanes. One is the scale model, which is basically the same as the real ones only in a smaller version. The others are the silhouette type or the look alike.

If a model airplane has a scale of 1 to 72 how many feet long is the real airplane if the model is only two inches long?

One inch on the model represents 72 inches -- or six feet -- on the real McCoy. Since the miniature is two inches long, the actual airplane it represents is 12 feet long.

What will be the weight of a model plane which is 1 is to 500 in scale and real plane weighing at 500 tons?

Assuming that the model is built of the same material it's weight will be 500,000kg/5003 = 0.004 kg. Just 4 grams.

What is the model of Amelia's airplane that is housed at the smithsonian?

There is a large-scale maybe l/48 scale model, in sheet metal, of the Electra -displayed under glass. there is also the full scale Lockheed Vega used in the l932 Atlantic solo crossing and several other hops, so to speak.

How is solving an equation similar to keeping a scale in balance?

A scale works best when the object being weighed is stationary. Otherwise the object is shifting and can't be weighed accurately.