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Zero Quality

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Q: When can displacement equal to zero?
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When can displacement be equal to zero?

Zero Quality

Can there be zero displacement and nonzero average velocity?

It is not possible because the average velocity is equal to the displacement in a given time interval, ie: V = (displacement) / (time interval) As the zero displacement average speed will also be zero.

When would displacement equal to zero?

When the object, whose location is being measured, is at the reference point for measuring displacement.

A young man exerted a force of 9000 newtons on a standstill car but was unable to move it how much work was done?

Work is equal to the product of the applied force and the displacement. Since the displacement is zero, the work is also equal to zero.

If the displacement is zero then is the average velocity also zero?

Average velocity is zero if the displacement is zero. Average velocity = Displacement/Time = 0/Time = 0.

Explain that can displacement be zero even if distance is not equal to zero?

If the distance is measured from a point other than the initial position of the object.

What is the angle between force and displacement in case of negative and zero work?

-- Negative work is the result of force and displacement in opposite directions. -- Zero work is the result of either force perpendicular to displacement, or zero force, or zero displacement.

What is greater distance or displacement?

Distance is greater , because displacement can be zero ,but, distance cannot be zero.

Give an example where displacement is zero but distance is not?

when the body moves circularly from a point 'A' to a then the displacement will be zero(displacement is the shortest diatance from the initial point to final point) and the distance will not be zero.

Does displacement have to be in a straight line?

Displacement of a straight line is zero...

Can you have zero displacement and non zero average velocity?


Can the distance travelled by a particle be zero when displacement is not zero?

The distance travelled by a particle cannot be zero when displacement is not zero because unlike distance which is a scalar, displacement is a vector quantity implying that it has both direction and magnitude.

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