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When does a scatterplot show a correlation?

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Which data will most likely show a negative correlation when graphed on a scatterplot?

Negative correlation which is downhill from left to right occurs when one quantity increases while the other quantity decreases.

What is a scatterplot-?

The definition for the word scatterplot is "a graph in which the values of two variables are plotted along two axes, the pattern of the resulting points revealing any correlation present."

What is a correlation statement?

a correlation statement is a sentence that says whether the points on a scatterplot have a positive, negative or no correlation.ex. This graph shows a negative correlation, as the number of cows increases (x axis data) the profitability decreases (y axis data).

When do you use a scatterplot?

Scatter plots are used to investigate a possible correlation between two variables that are associated with the same “event.”

What shows the relationships between quantities?

A scatterplot is the best tool. Regression or correlation can often fail to find non-linear relationships.

How is a scatter plot that shows no correlation different from a scatter plot that has a negative corrrelation?

A scatterplot with no correlation means that there is no relation between the two categories, a negative correlation means that the two categories have a relationship that as one gets greater the other gets smaller

What is the meaning of scatterplot?

Scatterplot is another word for scatter diagram. A scatter diagram is a graph with two variables plotted along two axes to show a pattern.

What is a way of plotting data to show changes occur in related variables?

A scatterplot.

What is a graph that shows the relationships between two sets of data?

It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.

When creating a scatterplot if the points are too close together to see the relatuonship how could you adjust your graph?

Decrease your scale values. The higher the scale values, the stronger the correlation

Chart used to show the relationship of two values?

It can be. But equally, a scatterplot that looks really random can be used to show the absence of a relationship between two variables.

When finding the slope of the trend line what does the slope mean about the data of the scatterplot?

The slope of the trend line is the rate of change of the data. It is the ratio of the change of the dependent variable to the rate of change of the independent variable. Slope represents the value of the correlation.

Changes in temperature and carbon dioxide level show a?


Two sets of data that show a relationship is an example of?


What do two variables with parallel lines on a line graph show?


Explain how you can determine the type of correlation for a set of data pairs by examining the data in a table without drawing a scatter plot?

"If y tends to increase as x increases, then the data have a positive correlation. If y tends to decrease as x increases, then the data have a negative correlation. If the points show no correlation, then the data have approximately no correlation."

Suppose the scatterplot of log y on x produces a correlation close to 1 then will the difference between consecutive values of y for equal x-intervals be approximately constant?

No. The ratio of consecutive values of y for equal x-intervals will be approx constant.

When an experiment shows that two variable are closely related what does the experiment show?


When an experiment sHow is that two variable are closely related the experiment shows?


Auto correlation and cross correlation?

Auto correlation is the correlation of one signal with itself. Cross correlation is the correlation of one signal with a different signal.

What is a correlation where both sets of data values increase or decrease together?

Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.

What is a group of two or more equations that share a common answer?


What is the Measure of the degree of variation among a set of events?


What are three types of correlations?

positive correlation-negative correlation and no correlation

Is 0.5 the strongest correlation coefficient?

No. The strongest correlation coefficient is +1 (positive correlation) and -1 (negative correlation).