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Not necessarily. Formula gives two values but they can be identical.

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Q: When using the quadratic formula x always has multiple correct solutions?
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What formula name that gives the solutions for x in a quadratic equation?

This formula is called the quadratic formula.

How many real solutions can the quadratic formula give?

A quadratic equation can have either two real solutions or no real solutions.

What is true about the solutions of a quadratic equation when the radicand of the quadratic formula is a perfect square?

The two solutions are coincident.

What is the difference between quadratic formula and quadratic equation?

There are an infinite number of different quadratic equations. The quadratic formula is a single formula that can be used to find the pair of solutions to every quadratic equation.

Why do mathmaticians use the quadratic formula?

To find the roots (solutions) of a quadratic equation.

How can you find the complex solutions of any quadratic equation?

I suggest you use the quadratic formula.

What are the solutions to the quadratic formula?

The quadratic formula is x=-b (+or-) square root of b2-4ac all over 2a

What are the disadvantages and advantages of solving solutions by quadratic formula?


What statement must be true of an equation before you can use the quadratic formula to find the solutions?

The quadratic formula can be used to find the solutions of a quadratic equation - not a linear or cubic, or non-polynomial equation. The quadratic formula will always provide the solutions to a quadratic equation - whether the solutions are rational, real or complex numbers.

What is equadtratic equation?

A quadratic equation normally has 2 solutions and can be solved by using the quadratic equation formula.

What statements must be true of an equation before you can use the quadratic formula to find the solutions?

That the discriminant of the quadratic equation must be greater or equal to zero for it to have solutions. If the discriminant is less than zero then the quadratic equation will have no solutions.

What is the quadriatic formula used for?

To find the solutions of x in a quadratic equation.